Mago: The Villain's Burger Demo All 4 Collectibles / Action Indie Pixel Art Gameplay Boss PC Switch

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✨ 🧙✨ Timestamp ✨🧙✨
0:00 Title Screen & Settings
0:40 Tutorial
1:25 1-1 Autumn Teapot Plains
3:47 1-2 Feathery Race
5:21 Musicalia Town
6:08 1-3 TEA TIME WITH RhiMo
8:55 Green Slime Mid Boss
13:22 1-4 Flooded Meadow
20:12 Flower Prince Boss
25:24 Cupi Tower
29:36 Ending & Credits

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Mago is a 2D platformer that puts us in the boots of a sorcerer who will have to run, jump and use his trustworthy magic wand across a vast kingdom where everything can, and will, happen. Will the Wizard be able to rescue his beloved damsel from the claws of the evil Gourmet?


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  1. [[[ Details ]]]
    1) If you die and or leave the map, you will lose some coins.
    2) There is one collectible token in each map. Some of them are behind breakable hidden walls.
    3) Cupi Tower is a fun time challenge stage where every room is randomize.
    3.1) FlagA = Reach the goal
    3.2) FlagB = Feathery Race Minigame
    3.3) Key = Kill all enemies, grab a key and reach the goal. (In most case)
    3.4) Spike = Dodge spike balls for 30 seconds

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