Mago: The Villain's Burger – A Youtuber Created Game?!

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Thanks for checking out my Mago: The Villain’s Burger review on this episode of Mabimpressions! Hope you enjoy the Mago gameplay. This is a Mago first impressions and Mago walkthrough. Is Mago worth playing? Is Mago worth buying?

I’m always down to start a Mago playthrough, and Mago gameplay walkthrough if enough people are interested. The Mago Let’s Play will be uploaded on my second channel: MabiVsGamesVOD if we start one!

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⭐A nostalgic experience worth your time⭐
A classic magical adventure with beautiful pixel art and intuitive controls. Travel a vast world with many levels, mini-games, and secret locations!

⭐Unique areas to explore each with its own mechanics and challanges⭐
Hand-crafter levels, each with its own mechanics: from colorful teapot prairie, a humongous tree guarded by a fierce centipede, to ancient ruins of a mysterious civilization that rests on the back of a huge bird – this journey has it all!

⭐You get a wand. You also get a mecha!⭐
Use your magic wand to purify evil from the world, solve riddles by affecting your surroundings. Some levels allow you to use a powerful mecha robot. It’s time to show the villain’s enemies what you are made of (metal, mostly)!

⭐A great variety of bosses and enemies as well as collectibles to unlock⭐
Each level presents a different challenge, each boss – a new threat to overcome.
By collecting secret orbs in each level you unlock new items and improvements. Can you find them all?

⭐Chill in a beautiful town of Musicalia⭐
Looking to take a break? In the town of Musicalia you can buy new upgrades and meet interesting characters, some you might even recognize!

⭐An amazing soundtrack⭐
•Listen to a beautiful soundtrack brimming with nostalgia that will instantly bring back the nostalgia of the golden age of video games.

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