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  1. Another good switch game that I cant play because the framerate is atroscious.

    Gaming in 2022 is fucking retarted. Make a more powerful console nintendo jesus christ. Almost all of the games i play have framerate issues.

  2. oh yeaaa! woke gayming! you can date anybody you want! even animals! lmaoooo i love playing games as a female character witha. deep mans voice and beard, or as a man with huge breasts in a skirt with a girl voice. MUST BUY! lmaoooo yea right

  3. 10 hours for a playthrough? I'm in the middle of chapter 1 and already have played for over 3 hours. This game is so gorgeous, I see no reason to rush through it. Currently I'm grinding on a mission on my way to my first boss battle, and I'll take my time to do that. I have the Switch Deluxe version since it comes with all the DLC. I don't mind the frame drops during combat. Perhaps I'll get the PS4 version too for comparison on a later date.

  4. Just got the PS4 physical version today. I’m really digging it so far. Fun to just grind away side missions, collecting items, and crafting better gear. Simple, but surprisingly satisfying gameplay, and I love the character portraits. The dialogue can be pretty funny too.

  5. Anyone know if the ps4 version fares better performance wise? I'm interested, but, those frame dips looked rough…

  6. Those frame dips in the video are kind of extreme. Yikes… but I'll still be getting this anyway. Thanks for the review!

  7. Definitely a wait for sale kind of game. 40 bucks for this just isn’t happening. Especially not on switch. Get this on sale for PlayStation if you can help it

  8. I can see why people would be put off by the simple combat when you never played any Summon Night games since they were on the GBA. But SN:Swordcraft Story 2 was one of my all time favorite GBA games and i never knew this game was from the same creators.

  9. I've been waiting for a good review of this game – so really happy to see you guys (and girls) covered it. Always interested in a jrpg/dating sim hybrid, plus I love the character art (especially female protag).

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