Maglam Lord is SURPRISINGLY Addictive and Fun!

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One of the first JRPGs to release in 2022 is Maglam Lord: a side view action RPG/ dating sim from Pqube. In this review of Maglam Lord I’ll tell you everything you need to know, if it’s worth it and why it’s surprisingly fun and addictive!

A review code was provided by Pqube for review purposes.

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  1. 🚨 CORRECTION🚨 In the video I said the game was $50. Physically it is, but digital it’s only $40 and has a launch discount. I apologize for any confusion.

  2. I was really on the fence in buying it but when I saw the character designs, I automatically bought the limited edition for the artbook and the art really looks good.

  3. I definitely plan on picking this up at some point if/when it goes on sale. It already seemed interesting to me, but the fact that you can romance everyone regardless of the player's gender is a pretty big plus for me.

  4. I actually loved the story, and not so much the combat, I came back to this game because I needed to see the story through, and see if I got to be with the one I found most appealing. I could not put the game down before I beat it and got the ending

  5. Seems interesting! I was also reached out to for this one but I was just snowed under with other stuff, so I'm glad someone took up the mantle to give this game some love! Looks like a bit of mindless fun which to be honest is what Im in need of sometimes, I can relate to the work grind. Great stuff bud!

  6. Please don't post videos like this, they do more harm than good.

    You played a game which you enjoyed for 16 hours after choosing not to take the time to see how the story developed because it didn't hook you quickly enough. Even so, you enjoyed your time with it as far as I can tell from the video.

    This game is made by a small Japanese developer. They rely on the income from one game to fund the next, and yet, even though you enjoyed the experience you're advising viewers to wait for the price to drop before buying it.

    Small developers have a hard enough time as it is, they don't require someone on YouTube who enjoyed their game telling everyone willing to listen not to pay full price for the same experience.

  7. $50? That's not correct at all. It's $35 on sale on the Switch eShop and Playstation store for the next few days. Even without the 10% launch discount it is only $40. So curious where that misinformation is coming from.

  8. I absolutely loved Swordcraft Story on the GBA. Thank you for showing me this game. I will pick it up for sure.

  9. I like the character art style, but completing the Pokedex in Legends: Arceus will be plenty of a mindless grind for me this year haha.

  10. Hello TGS, I was curious did you play this on a PS5 (even though its a PS4 game) and how was loading times and such if so? Any performance issues at all?

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