Maglam Lord – Is It Any Good? (Review)

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This is my review for the new action RPG, Maglam Lord. Its available from February 4th 2022 and you can get it on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. You can also get a physical copy on PS4 and Nintendo Switch if you want one for your collection.

*A review code was provided to me by PQube.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:14 Game Information
6:58 Positives
10:56 Negatives
13:43 Conclusion
14:26 Outro

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  1. Great review man ! I just finished this game today, and my thoughts pretty much line up with yours. I thought this was a pretty enjoyable little game, and I honestly liked the characters and story a lot more than I thought I would, like you said, really funny, well written dialogue at times. I’d love to hear what you think about Odin Sphere if you get around to playing that. Odin Sphere is fantastic.

  2. It looks fun, but the combat with the clunky stutter, that's not for me. I can see with the other stuff some people will love this game. Odin Sphere is a great game with interesting mechanics and story, the art work for Odin Sphere is like a fairy tale book come to life. The combat for Odin Sphere is more like a fast snap, than a slow clunk. Like you say though not everything is supposed to be for everyone, which by the way is becoming my favorite saying

  3. Might pick it up, right now would be the best time to play it with how busy later this month and next month will be,

  4. Oh I would love to hear your thoughts on Odin Sphere! 👏 I've always been on the fence with that one, so by all means go for it! 🙏

    Also, great review as always. You're really starting to get into a solid flow with your content. Great job 💪

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