MAGLAM LORD: February’s Underdog? (First Impressions, PS4/Switch)

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MAGLAM LORD, a quirky JRPG about a Demon Lord trying to regain their former glory and potentially continue their species just came out! I was lucky enough to be able to play some of it before release and found it pretty amusing in both its dialogue and its gameplay, so I hope you enjoy hearing about that in today’s video! Feel free to let me know your Maglam Lord thoughts in the comments!

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MAGLAM LORD (PS4 code provided with thanks to publisher!)


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0:00 Intro
1:00 What is MAGLAM LORD?
1:59 Endearing Dialogue and Designs
3:10 Curious Combat and Weaponry
4:11 Closing Thoughts


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  1. Thanks so much for this in depth review! I was skeptical at first since I hadn’t seen much prior to release but you’ve definitely piqued my interest and I’m strongly considering getting a copy. Just FYI for those wanting to try this game but not fully motivated to pay full MSRP I’ve seen sellers on eBay with prices as low as $34.99 brand new for physical PS4 version and the digital deluxe edition is on sale for PS Plus members thru February 18th

  2. I bought the game yesterday (Deluxe Edition on Switch, which includes all of the DLC), and I'm currently on a mission inside chapter 1. Maglam forging is possible right at the beginning of chapter 1 (after completing intro chapter 0). My current mission involves a boss battle at the end, so I'm still grinding. Battles are 2D, exploration (on a mission) is 3D (birds-eye-view). Battles are very easy so far, I'm curious about the boss battle. 🙂 During exploration, so-called Safe Zones exist in pocket dimensions which can be used to access the home menu (the Item menu includes a shop). Character development and story are great, and so far I really like this game, it's right up my alley. 🙂 Interesting about the cutscenes: During dialogs with multiple choices, you can sometimes see the effect it'll have (on your in-game audience or on yourself). It makes choosing dialog options much easier and straightforward. 🙂 — Although the game is a bit on the pricey side, their claims that it contains a lot of production value is not exaggerated: Story, humor, artwork, music/voices/audio all are great, and gameplay has been a lot of fun so far! 🙂

  3. This game does look very intriguing, will have to wait to see if any place near me gets it physically, assuming it does. Another great video, thank you for all you do

  4. I learned about this a few days ago! From what I looked up, it's created by former staff that worked on Summon Night, I can definitely see some of the influence, especially from the Swordcraft Story sub-series for GBA, which also had crafting, relationship elements and top-down exploration with side-scrolling hack-and-slash battles! Definitely looking forward to this one

  5. Pre-ordered a couple days ago along with Death End Re Quest 2. Really excited to check them both out. This looks even better than I thought it would be now that I know it has all the customization stuff too.

  6. I’ll admit I didn’t know about this game before, but now I’m very interested to try it out! My attention was immediately grabbed when I saw the character designs are by lack sensei, one of my favorite illustrators. Thanks for covering this game!

  7. I really want to play it , it looks really fun 🙂 and the mechanics kinda reminds me the social links in Persona

  8. Pleasepleaseplease review this game! I know February is/will be busy for you (and we as viewers greatly appreciate it!), but the game does look very funny, quirky, and interesting. Not too sure about hack-n-slash, but if it's entertaining enough, it wouldn't matter much. Are you playing it and/or is it only available on PS4? Dunno if I'd prefer that (I have PS5) or Switch (or even PC, given that's my first preference). At any rate, your video was a great surprise. Thanks!

  9. I think I will be picking this up. Looks like a great game to play when you want to eat up some free time but not get into anything too intensive

  10. What’s drawing me to this game is that it’s from the summon night team and plays like a classic tales of game with the side view action rpg. I’ll take a risk with this game

  11. I definitely will pick this up soon. I saw some material on it not too long ago, but was a bit hesitant because I am very keen on some upcoming games (Atelier Sophie 2 already pre-ordered) including Edge of Eternity.

  12. Just when I thought my wallet was safe in February after purchasing Dying Light 2, Horizon FBW, Elden Ring, Atelier Sophie 2… this comes along, grrrr…

  13. I just purchased this yesterday on the eShop in preparation nfor it's release. It'll be a while before I can sink any real time into it since I'm preoccupied with Legends Arceus ATM, and in the middle of SMT V, but I'm definitely looking forward to when I get around to this one.

  14. Ooo I saw this amazon last night few days ago but £35 and no reviews or anything :/ will deffo add to wishlist now

  15. Just saw it in the eshop and I think the artstyle looks really nice, good to see there's fun dialog as well.

  16. Huh. Definitely looks interesting. Love the visuals in the Visual Novel segments. The combat sections look… Ok? Hopefully they turn out to be fun even if nothing else. Gonna put this on my watchlist!

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