LOST Nintendo DS Game FOUND After 15 Years (by us)

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DidYouKnowGaming have acquired two builds of a lost Nintendo DS game that we are releasing in collaboration with Gaming Alexandria. This DS game was lost for over 15 years, but can now be enjoyed by all. We use “enjoyed” loosely.

Download the ROM for A Boy and his Blob DS!

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Special Thanks to Ethan Johnson

Research/Writing by Dylan Mansfield
Video Editing by TheCartoonGamer
Voice Over by Remix

Sources/Further Reading:
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  1. A TON of planning and research went into this video. So if you like what you see, feel free to give this video a like and a share. Cheers 👍

  2. My favorite little bit of video game history trivia is that Activision got its name because it was alphabetically higher-placed than Atari was, so distributors and consumers would see listings by developers and see Activision first. Accolade followed suit, even higher up, and Absolute Entertainment was even higher than that. All jockeying for first place on the alphabetical listings.

  3. The Idea of A Boy And His Blob being a multi-media franchise from the start reminds me of what was planned for Mighty No. 9.

  4. Always a shame when a successful game got a sequel for newer generations, and the focus of the better visual quality possible stripped it of everything that made the original so great

  5. I remember the NES game is and how clearly it was made by someone who worked on Atari. The weird run cycle of the kid is right out of Pitfall.

  6. I bet David crane going to DeVry saved a bunch of money compared to the coworker that went to the university of California

  7. I'm not keen on the sprites they used in the DS version for the boy and the blob, but gosh, the og one was a fun game! If they gave it a facelift it could easily come back

  8. The best thing to come out of these prototypes is that, thanks to this video, I found out the Wii reboot was re-released on modern systems. I HAVE to revisit it, it's such a precious game.

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