Lost Ark Review

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Lost Ark reviewed by Gabriel Moss on PC.

Lost Ark takes a genuinely impressive stab at the isometric action RPG genre, and its integration into a perpetually online world is complementary rather than invasive. It’s expansive and deep, capable of scratching the itch for a new Diablo-like action RPG that is filled with other players to meet and team up with. The excellent and flexible combat system channels the best of its ARPG forebears, but it can start to wear out after you’ve slaughtered your way through enough lower-tier enemies. Lost Ark’s most prominent fault, though, is that its generic story can be cheesy due to awkward writing and voice work. However, there are a lot of interesting locations to discover as you sail your ship around the open seas, and at the end of the day, this is a world that’s certainly worth the time to explore, even if you never pay a cent for its optional premium boosts.

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  1. "after the 10 first hours, you unlock the boat" lol – Sure if you've played the game before and rush through main quests only and even then… count more lke 20-30h

  2. Doesn't seem like they played the game to max level, because you get a free item to get an alt to level 50 when you do. So alt leveling doesn't have to be manual, unless you want to

  3. Here's an example of a casual non MMO person playing the bare bones of a game as its just starting to reveal what it actually is. He doesn't even discuss one aspect of the very rich and game changing end game. It's like an LFR raider trying to review WoW. Ridiculous.

  4. Can't play this game in the Netherlands because loot boxes are illegal here. But you can play ff xiv and black desert online?? It doesn't make sense

  5. Yeah dear lord, do not advise people to use grenades during the leveling process, or even % Potions for that matter

    Save it all to the end game

  6. GearScore is everything in this game.

    Much of the zones and Endgame content is locked behind GearScore (Guardians, endgame-Raids etc.)

    Everything related to Speedrun your GearScore can be exchanged or purchased within the CashShop and in-game Marketplace.

    Is this game Pay2Win? – Short answer: Yes.

    Is this game still worth it? – Yes.

    "Technically" you can complete everything and be best-in-slot — by playing A LOT.

    Realistically, No.

  7. Not a word on the HYPERsexualisation of women in particular. Which is honestly inexcusable in 2022. Very dissappointing, IGN.

  8. My issue is with the heavy P2W…
    the amount of grind and all the time locks F2P players have to endure is insane.
    Get ready to never get your best in slot gear in time before new content patch drops.

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