Lost Ark REVIEW – Is it Overhyped?

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Lost Ark is an absolutely enormous world, filled to the brim with collectibles, dungeons, bosses and gear. Not all of it is necessary, some of it is tedious, but the bulk of this massive online game is fun, and engaging.

Free to play, and recently launched for western markets by Amazon Game Studios, Lost Ark is a game I was happy to review as it catapults itself to the top of steam, and twitch, with over a million concurrent players.



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  1. Everything in the story is created to look cool and crazy rather than "make sense". It has its ups and downs, but yeah its like 75% boring and just uninspired. Yorn was really enjoyable tho.

    Also, the VA is just made quick. Some npcs aren't even fully voiced so their idle animation sounds are still in korean (Mokamoka on Tortoyk f.e.)

  2. Asian gamedesign … great combat killed by the RNG, P2W/P2S BS … HARD PASS …
    Gonna rather put my time into Elden Ring where Asian Gameplay meets Western Style

  3. 70% is 70% is 70%. if you dont like the RNG enhancing, this game isnt for you.
    you will fail on 70, you will fail on 80, hell, you may even fail on 96 (me).

    There is a pity system, so you can only fail a certain item enhancement so many times before it becomes guaranteed, so there is that. just dont get frustrated.

  4. After reading some comments, I realized that your viewers are missing out. I just finished the magic realm last night. I can only say that the delivery of the story is epic. The experience of that fight is a new experience for me in a MMO. Yeah good vs evil blah, blah. But man, it was epic and satisfying, especially if you have good graphics and sound, or play with VR goggle.

  5. Some of the story is really cool though. Like the robot thing. The elf world. The feel of the world. The cinematic. I think smilegate just got lazy with the west and choose not to roll back to original version for western release for minimal work. After 4 years, the initial leveling got cut to nothing.

  6. Plain and simple. If you like games like Diablo then this is for you.

    I'm taking my time with the game and it's been kinda rough just making it to 50, but looking forward to endgame stuff. I'm a warframe player, so I know all about the grind so this game is for you if you enjoy dungeons crawlers/grinding type games.

    That until Elden Ring comes out. I'll still hop on this game to play though. 2 of the best games for this year thus far, until Final Fantasys dark souls like/ Nioh games comes out. I feel it will be a hidden gem as well.

    A win for us gamers this year. 2022 is starting off great.

  7. I've only played few hours of it so far. Love the combat mechanics, world looks great. It's a bit odd to just run from an ncp to the quest marker, click on something, and have that quest completed lol. Feels like a lot of work went into making these starting areas, and you just blow past them (i'm not even doing side quests, seems fastest way to level is just the main quest line). End game weapoin enhancement sounds like the system from Lineage 2 (played that back in the day).

  8. almost perfectly encapsulated my impressions of the game so far. the only thing i think should be emphasized fuller is during the storyline, there are some great experiences in dungeons. at least imo.

  9. Great review. There were 2 big battle moments during the story that felt awesome. Everything else total trash. It's painful to think about all the worlds they built & translations they've done that aren't fully utilized or largely ignored. Story should've been 75% shorter if it was going to be this bad.

  10. doenst feel cheap to to me compared with diablo or wow. abyss dungeon are quiet challenging whe you are not over geared. the Eu servers suck tho very much

  11. 18:25 a very important note: you can just make the same class again and again. You don't have to play different classes, if you don't enjoy anything else.
    19:13 Blue Crystals can be bought at the "currency exchange" tab (bottom right of the cash shop, or a NPC in any town) for gold. You don't have to spend real money on it.
    👉a lot of people don't know that, which is why they call it peytowin [Anyone been to Peyto yet and understands the terrible joke? I appreciate you!]

  12. It looks so easy and easy is what I've heard.
    Imo reviews would benefit from a section dedicated to difficulty/challenge with so many games these days turning out to be mind numbing button mashers.
    Idc how many buttons you give me, how complex you make talent/gear systems or how many enemies there are if the enemies are paper. If you can beat the dungeons while everyone in party is distracted watching youtube/writing a paper etc. etc. it's just not interesting to me anymore. At all.

  13. I think I'll end up sticking with Grim Dawn and checking in on New World from time to time. Or try out FFIV to see if I actually like it. But I have to get at least one alt to level 55 in Lost Ark just because I said I would, not because I really want to.

  14. Didn't like it initially; then came to reeeeeeally enjoy it… but after a few days of grinding, it really sinks in of how suuuuper flat/linear/repetitive of an experience it really is. At least a game like Guild Wars 2 has awesome puzzles and story to back it up…. Lost Arks writing/lore + voice acting/etc is awfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul

  15. I will admit I was checked out of the story till the siege battle and then that one moment happened and pulled me into the game more and I WANTED to pay attention even if it felt a bit tedious at times the sheer spectacle of was happening made me want to know more about the world. As a old rpg player it felt odd to not like the story but the action make me want to know more even if it was standard rote stuff for a lot of it.

  16. 8/10 for me… game is gorgeous, so much to do, very friendly for players who dont want to rush…

    the only NEGATIVE is – HUGE queues for EU players… looks like NA dont have this problem. Or at least not that big of a deal.

  17. convinced people only like this game because its so easy and also free.

    The combat is terrible.

    It's literally just a flashy coat on a mobile game.

  18. The storyline is utter shit. I'm 6 hours in and have started skipping ALL of the cutscenes and basically spam "G" during the dialog so I don't read ANYTHING about the quests. I just look at the quest objectives after the shit dialogue and cutscenes are over. All FedEx delivery quests that even Morrowind 20+ years ago could do better. I'm sick and tired of the assholes who then argue "it gets better after X hours" – this is 2022 and having a shit game opening is inexcusable, especially for an MMO. I'm going to stick it out for another 6 hours. If it hasn't improved by then, I'll be giving it a negative review on Steam.

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