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Asmongold ends the debate about Pay-2-Win in Lost Ark with videos from Josh Strife Hayes and CohhCarnage to help him.

Here’s Why 0:00
Asmongold Reacts to Lost Ark IS Pay-2-Win (here’s why) 8:06
Asmongold Reacts to Cohh’s Thoughts: Is Lost Ark Pay2Win (P2W)? 12:16

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“Lost Ark IS Pay-2-Win (here’s why)” by Josh Strife Says

“Cohh’s Thoughts: Is Lost Ark Pay2Win (P2W)?”

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  1. PS… I forgot to say. I agree with you 100%. Lost ark is pay to win to succeed is to win. You can accelerate your growth by spending real money and be able to do everything in the game today, to have to wait 2.5 years if you are lucky to max your items is kinda sad because by the time you do such a thing the game will be dead. So it would be pointless to not spend money and be in with it crowded now. Lost ark to me is a pointless game. I played the beta and got to combat LVL 50 and account LVL 29, I am not doing all that again. To be not able to enter dungeons because of my item LVL is bullshit. If it was a 100% F2W game I would play it but it is not so I am not. To have to spend real money just to keep up with people and not be left behind is depressing. I don't play video games to be depressed.

  2. I used to play silk road online, you could spend real money on all kinds of things that would make you stronger, magic-proof stones were used to enhance your items. So you could spend £30,000 and someone else could spend £300 and they could have stronger items than yours why? because it was all about where that game was being played from. So you try to enhance your items and you would get 1% success 99% fail. They try to enhance their items and they get 99% success and 1% fail. They are stronger than you but you have spent 30x the amount of money than they have. Both of you are in a game that's pay to win but you suck and they don't. So you see pay 2 win doesn't always mean win but it's called pay to win. This name needs a change. As you said, you could buy a Lambo and enter a race but that wouldn't mean you are going to win that race. Same thing here, you can spend tons of money but that doesn't mean you are going to win. RNG sucks when the game developers program the game to fail and steal your money any time you try and let me tell you that's 100% what they do. Pay to play and win, if you are lucky, not necessarily rich. RNG bullshit, because human beings made video games and human beings do program games to do what they want them to do. RNG is just an excuse to hide the facts. Living in London we would get charged much more money than what people do who live in other countries. WTF. My friend lives in Turkey and they spent 200 TL on their char and maxed all of their gears, I spent £1000's and maxed all my gears. 200 TL is worth about £10.64 sterling today and back then it was maybe worth a little bit more, but not much more. Is there not a law against people doing this kind of thing. WTF WTF!! Now I don't play P2W games at all, never again will I do such a thing.

  3. This took a weird turn in my head. If Lost Ark is paid to win then living life is paid to win. What do you think about that?

  4. I went into this game knowing full well it was gonna be pay to win, luckily for me its not one that bothers me so I still really really enjoy the game. But it 100% is, if you can buy gameplay advantage (in this case to progress faster) its just pay to win. But me and my friends are just slowly progressing, grinding levels during the week and then beating the shit out of raid and abyss bosses in the weekend, but to each their own on how they enjoy games and their purpose for playing them.

  5. Imagine using bad excuses that were likely created by companies to defend their slimy business tactics. Simping for companies that don't care about you or anyone but the whales is fucking shameful. The only reason everyone doesn't agree with this definition of pay to win is because they're paid to not, or they're too ashamed of their own actions to admit they've done it or are doing it. Grow some fucking balls, or, better yet, buy some.

  6. I went to 1020 item level in 8 days with only crystalline aura (which u can get with ingame currency anyway) and now im almost to tier 3 which will be a slower grind i can enjoy now instead of this speedrun stuff

  7. i think it depends on the game, like warframe. part of the game is getting the blueprint and making the weapon, so buying it is purposeless. you can still say it might be powerful then yes but you still need to level it! so if this is considered pay to win, this is not a bad pay to win. as in it skips the weapon gaining. and i can see that. but like being physically blocked to go further without money. let's take a game i played. raid shadow legends. i know the meme right, i quite like the heroes and the like but i spend a lot of time on it and got a tiny bit lucky with some characters but there were events and pvp and boss dungeons that my characters just couldn't handle and i maxed them as far as i could.
    so there pay to win would be bad.
    so is ark pay to win, by general and asmogold definition of it yes, and i'd agree. but the game is not bad because of it. so the question is not is the game pay to win or not it's is it enjoyable, and does it fully block you from doing it free to play and make it almost impossible? i don't think so.

  8. CounterStrike is literally the best example 0% pay2win ( in my perspective… i dont see any map in wich a different kind of color or sticker whould help you tricking the enemy that you have a knife instead of a gun in your hand or anything at all.

  9. Any kind of acceleration of anything in games or any advantage in exchange for real money if pay2win
    Xp boost : i get lvl max first i beat that first i drop that first i make the price for it etc .
    Upgrades: same at many even a xp boost because whit stronger Equipment you can beat stronger ( whit more exp ) things..
    Mov speed buff: same..
    Atack speed buff: same …
    any kind of advantage is an advantage.. any advantage is an advantage any any any even visual stuffs there are small retarded kids or adults that will folow you and turn against they'r friend or w/e they whould do anything to get some of your attention that you drag by having a better looking character ( in wars there we're many times when a good Camouflage helped a lot both in escaping and especialy ambushing basically cosmetic is an advantage even in real life your looked from down if you dress very rich Looking or get an expensive car ) i can't go deep and very precise in why any kind of diference is an advantage because that whould take to much time

  10. I mean are there any free to play games that arent Pay to Win by some metric?

    Even in the games with just monitized costumes and cosmetics being too dark or change the appearance enough to obfuscate the immediate identifiability of a character can give someone an advantage, like LoL the pros whine about skins changing annie for example to look different at a glance slows you down just enough to change your immediate trained reactions.

  11. can i still get the items and gear without spending money? not wanting to argue i just want to know when i reach that point in the game do i have to spend money to reach absolute max? or can i spend 8 years grinding it out?

  12. That’s exactly like saying someone who plays more than you is using an unfair advantage in pvp because they got better gear by playing more. No bro, you are fucking just wrong on this and I could destroy your debate on this all day long.

  13. I’m going to debunk his entire theory in one sentence. Can you level your character without using money? Yes. The answer is yes, therefor not pay to win. End of story. Case closed. I’m sorry but there is zero argument here.

  14. this guy contradicts himself lol "pay to win is if you keep putting money in do you keep getting stronger?" no.. there's a cap on lost ark… so he's contradicting himself until new content comes out no matter how much money you put in f2p and paying players are capping at around 1400 i lvl…

  15. P2W games can be fun too guys!

    Kick the can is fun, that's an easy and enjoyable game, until you've played 100 matches and it's now kick the can vs Usain Bolt, and you keep losing. Everytime you lose the referee rubs his fingers together looking for you to pad your chances with some greenbacks. I agree tho, those first 99 games of kick the can are a total blast.

  16. For me the logic is simple, p2w is really relative depending if the person is competitive or not, you just played 16 hours straight for 1 week and have 1100 ilvl finally, but a guy who not played the game at all, paid for someone to level his character, and after his hard work (yes he's CEO of a company and is very rich) he just came and bought like 5000 dollars of in game cash and get 900k gold, and bought the entire action house and now have 1415 ilvl (yes this is absolutely possible), do u mind that? if yes, the game is p2w, if you don't give a fuck if this guy have higher ilvl because this make no difference in your life, the game is no p2w

  17. The problem is that most people think P2W only refers to getting an advantage over other players in PvP.
    I have a pretty easy and clear definition of what is P2W for myself:

    "If it affects the most important features/content/mechanics of the game, it's pay to win, because it would directly and massivly influence my experience."

    I also like to call it P2hf = Pay to have fun

  18. Jesus, again I have to agree with Asmon. Yes without question and by EVERY measure of the term Lost Ark is PTW. End of discussion. Buying packs with gear upgrades is the very definition of PTW. No other argument is relevant. Does it mean it’s a bad game, not at all…. But stop being blind because you like the game.

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