Lost Ark Is Actually… INSANE

YouTube video

Join me in this Lost Ark video as we talk my thoughts on the game and how good this game actually is.

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  1. Nice review man, i still haven't stepped accross from NW but it does look very fun. I'm waiting for Elden Ring and i think that will fill the gap needed for my style until AGS bring out new content for NW. As you understand we only have limited time in a day. GG

  2. I had lost interest in this game a year ago after waiting so long. I really didn't think a game that was 3-4 years old would be exciting. Boy was I wrong. I think i will be playing this game for 3-4 years to come.
    Smilegate: we didn't know what you would like so we threw in EVERYTHING! 😉

  3. Why does everybody immediately write off a game just because it isn't what they're used to? I thought gamers wanted innovation in the games industry?

  4. Demoneeeeee , save to say you've got me to download lost ark , I played new world because of you , which was good while it lasted , looking foward to playing lost ark tonight !

  5. I love Diablo in any forms or shape and this game reminds me of that. The game play is decent, but the story is definitely bland. Having said that, it's addicting af and it has a satisfying feeling for sure.

  6. Yep, Lost Ark is the new GOAT for MMOs in the West. The combat feels so good, graphics don't look horribly out of date. Raid difficultly is actually a challenge. PvP has real rewards and feels great.

  7. First and fore most you are a content creator. Choose a failing game under 30k active subs, or one over a million? You can hope for positive changes on a game you like, however at the end of the day you have to do what makes more sense. You do not need to explain your actions, good luck.

  8. this is not a honest review. i dont see it. i realy dont its a game made for children, the voice overs are crinch as hel the story is decent. the questig is beyond bad. you skip them pressing escape 99.9% of the times. come on man. is this game insane, where is it Insane?. o can germanite you that this game has given money to streams to promote it because its beond bad.

  9. Leveling is the worst. They story and quests are very hard to deal with. But, the gameplay and endgame are fantastic. As well as pvp

  10. I really want to like this game, BUT the click to move ugh gross!!!! I just can’t get into it. Anyone have tips to make it enjoyable? I’ve tried playing it 3 times and after a few clicks to move my character I say hell no and log off. 🙁 The game looks amazing though I wish I could tolerate the moving system.

  11. Same, Demone. SAME. The whole mouseclick to move thing isn't my style either but after a few hours of struggle to adjust to the controls, things clicked for me and I've been enjoying the game for almost 90 hours so far. Kinda nuts, I've tried all the major MMOs over the years and the only two to hook me have been BDO and New world so I thought action combat with WASD movement was a must. Turns out I was wrong!

  12. Idk about anyone else, but I'm loving this game so much that when they reissue the Founder's Packs, I'm going to 100% every zone I come across before I move on. Just dive DEEP into it while still having my current characters doing late game stuff.

  13. Love Lost Ark as well! Perhaps with some help from the YT algorithm you can pivot out of the hell that is New World lol

  14. I was so sad that NA release didn't get Reaper which is my top 3 class. It's the third subclass of female Assassin. Extremely high mobility (can even go invis), PVP dominating, and outrageous dps. Btw, Korean devs are working on female Berserker and supposed to release this year. Wonder when it'll be out for global lol

  15. I got about 2 hours in, and it's just not for me. It looks fine, but the gameplay does not hook me. I hope you enjoy it

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