Lost Ark: Director's Trailer

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Lost Ark director, Keum Kang Sun, takes you inside the world of Arkesia. From deciding on the music, lore, classes, creating the Tripod System for customization, a sneak peek at some future content, and more (he even tells you his favorite feature in-game) — you’ll get access to the mind of the man that created Lost Ark and a few tips for when you begin your odyssey.




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  1. I hope you fix our region (EU), so we can fully join you on this journey, because the game is stunning. And by the way, the moment you launched in the west and demolished Steam charts, you became kokomo Gold River xD. It is likely, that more people played your game than WoW and Diablo 3 combined in last 2 weeks, mokoko times might be over xD

    PS: Tooki's are fu*** creepy, what do you mean … xD

  2. Well this is annoying, this game isn't available in my region just yet.
    I would like to add it to my wish list on Steam or Amazon so that Smilegate RPG and Amazon can see that there are other regions that are interested in playing this game.

  3. if there was just a hook or something right at the start after the tutorial..
    you come from a great start – that tutorial is really nice made – to a very boring, linear and generic mmo storyquest line. it made me log off after an hour
    not a single demanding fight, just running around doing pesant jobs. ugh.
    the endgame looks so good, but why are most mmo games the same and make you walk a painful boring early game to reach it?

  4. This game is probably the only one of its kind,that respects your time. You can see it in the game design that they developed it with that in mind. All stupid side quests and their locations are laid out in your direction towards main story objectives, which reduces your going back and forth a lot, even the basic mounts have decent speed. Exp flows very easily in my experience, you dont run out of heals or money, which some ppl might not like, but the game kinda wants you to go smoothly to end game content. Which from what i ve heard is a whole other story, but in short, the grinding is much easier to deal with, I feel like.
    Game was already trashed by leftists apparently too so that's another plus. Imo it has potential

  5. How can you not appreciate this game when you have devs and directors like this. This is how it should be. Im 100% in to support a company thats run like this.

  6. Looks fun and all.. really think I'm gonna miss out on trying this one.. but I'm busy doing master clues on Runescape

  7. El juego se mira muy bueno y esta teniendo excelente reseñas, lastima que mi pc se me reinicia cuando intento strimearlo o grabarlo, no he encontrado la razon pero cuando grabo o strimeo otros juegos no se me reinicia, F por mi 😌

  8. Amazon will kill it. We can see it already happening. They are cheap, dont care about EU region, BS censorship incoming, no proper adjustments for wester player (just lazy p2w copy paste of asian version). Their incompetence as game publisher is just sad… they didnt learned anything from new world fiasco.

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