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  1. I’m literally the doctor in real life😂😂 I crawl on my school playground and freak everyone out in fear.😂😂

  2. I have this game I've beaten it, it's not a very long game but fun to play. It took me a day and a half to beat

  3. Bro I didn’t know that there was a monster six I just drew it with like all the small dude in the yellow rain coat where in the background

  4. And yourself because you know dam well that that wall you got stuck on was your fault and not a glitch in the game.

  5. Half of these aren’t even bosses the bosses are Hunter,teacher,thin man,monster 6,doctor and the hands

  6. Six is lucky a little bit in both little nightmarss because in the first one the kid trys to help and in the second Mono helps!

  7. When I was 8 I would always hear that song and I finished it and the song brings back the amazing graphics and details this game had

  8. You guys know that six betrays mono if six is gonna be in little nightmares III I am gonna be so mad that even I’m gonna throw my controller

  9. Who is cool little nightmares 2 the hunter the bullies the techer the living hand the mannequin the doctor the viewers the thin man the monster six the mono thin man the eyes

  10. A like for you because my daughter plays that game on her Nintendo a long time ago but now we can't figure out why it's not charging

  11. They NEED to make a third game, I just cannot get enough of this concept and the audio design is just AUUGHHH

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