LIFE IS STRANGE REMASTERED Full Gameplay Walkthrough – No Commentary (#LifeisStrange Full Game)

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LIFE IS STRANGE REMASTERED Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game This is our LIFE IS STRANGE REMASTERED Gameplay Walkthrough that contains a Full Game Gameplay Playthrough Review of LIFE IS STRANGE REMASTERED. This Walkthrough includes the following Episodes of Life is Strange Remastered Recorded on Playstation 5 (PS5) at 4K 60FPS.
Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis
Life is Strange Episode 2: Out of Time
Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room
Life is Strange Episode 5: Polarized
All taken from our LIFE IS STRANGE REMASTERED Full Gameplay Walkthrough with No Commentary on @RabidRetrospectGames

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The Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Zombie Crypt Outfit will release after the base game.

Return to Arcadia Bay and experience two award-winning Life is Strange games like never before! Remastered visuals and animation breathe new life into the great cast of characters and gripping stories.

The Life is Strange Remastered Collection includes ‘Life is Strange Remastered’ and ‘Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered’.

– Remastered visuals across characters and environments
– Vastly improved character animation using full facial mocap performance (Life is Strange Remastered only)
– Updated and refined gameplay puzzles
– Engine and lighting upgrades
– Choice and consequence driven stories with multiple endings
– Harness the power of Max’s rewind ability or Chloe’s quick-witted attitude to change the course of events
– Distinct licenced soundtrack & original scores

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  1. I had let Chloe die, never regretted my decision. I don't want to sacrifice others for one person, even for my best friend.

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