Life is Strange Remastered (FULL Game Walkthrough, No Commentary)

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On a regular school day Max Caulfield, a quiet student of Blackwell Academy, witnesses a girl getting shot in the school’s restroom. To her own surprise she reveals that she can turn back time and immediately uses this power to save that unlucky girl. To even greater surprise, later on Max reveals that this girl in no other than Chloe Price, Max’s best friend she didn’t see for 5 years. While she tries to understand her newly found powers she goes on a journey to reveal herself, restore the almost lost friendship and try to found out what horrors are hiding in the walls of Blackwell Academy. Join me to find out how that happens in this full game walkthrough of the remaster version of Life is Strange , the game that started the whole series.
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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:05 Chapter 1 Chrysalis
02:00:18 Chapter 2 Out of Time
04:08:03 Chapter 3 Chaos Theory
06:12:45 Chapter 4 Dark Room
09:07:25 Chapter 5 Polarized
11:03:34 Ending

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