Life is Strange: Remastered – FULL GAME Playthrough (No Commentary)

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I don’t like BTS. I would recommend watching this guy play it @DomTheBomb he makes awesome content and should be playing it within a week or two. Edit: I might play it, I would still recommend checking out Dom.

You Should know this by now you Uncultured Swine.



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0:00 Title Screen
1:43 Episode 1
1:48:40 Episode 2
3:44:15 Episode 3
5:45:40 Episode 4
8:27:45 Episode 5


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  1. So many glitches, some areas can either be too dark or bright ,the characters doesnt look as good as they used to be in the original. This remastered isnt worth getting

  2. mano….isso foi triste, no sentido de decepcionante. Sou muito fã mas tenho q admitir que fizeram um trabalho PORCO

  3. I played the original game for the first time about a month ago and omgggg it just grabs your soul and shakes it up!!! SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!

  4. I wanna know how the shirt in episode 2 changes from the Jane doe shirt while she's in the dormitories then when she leaves it becomes the white shirt with the doe on it

  5. There’s also an obvious glitch here anyway that was from the original game. When Frank goes to pull out a switchblade on Chloe, he reaches down from left to right, indicating he’s going to pull out the switchblade with his left hand, yet somehow it magically appears in his right, that’s a weird one right there. Look closely at it

  6. Sorry I was just completely focused on Frank in episode 4 I skipped ahead to see what it would be like, when Max and Chloe are talking to him near his RV. There’s one part I’m watching. Frank is upset he doesn’t know where Rachel is, but the appearance of his character and his face and his facial expressions don’t really match up with his emotion. His eyes for instance don’t show the sadness and emotion, they’re too wide eyed. It’s making him seem like he isn’t sad about Rachel. It doesn’t seem to be showing the emotion it’s meant to.

  7. They finally fixed my boy Warren's teeth hallelujah 🙏but that's about all I can say about the optics, it's rly bad lol. It's like "oh this got better…but what the hell was THAT just now". Anyway. Warren is an actual decent dude, he's just awkward and inexperienced. Ppl act like they never been in school or Warren's age. The degree to which people are going, flat out lying our taking details out of context (like him "spying on/stalking max" when he legit just was peeking over the corner cause he wanted to see if she was awake already to ask her out, you can't even look into her room from that angle. Or how he "leads on" Brooke when he clearly never showed any interest in her and just asked out his friend instead cause the girl he liked didn't wanna go. I honestly could go on. Can't believe ppl have the gall to compare him to elliot 🤡)

  8. I dont like it a lot. Characters look so pale and lifeless lmao. And max's lips are gone hahaha not what i expected

  9. Literally just noticed especially as I’m playing this episode right now, that Max‘s shirt is pink when she gets dressed and is talking to Kate then when she goes outside of the dorms it’s white and completely different 😳😳😳

  10. I remember when i played this game first time, i mean original version, it was love on first sight, amazing game! 🙂

  11. the massive changes between total black and too much bright hurts my eyes. feels weird to look at it. Dana’s room basically looks like a demon black pit.

  12. It's a shame they didn't give the remaster the love and attention it deserves. This doesn't feel like a remaster. The bugs alone… ugh.

  13. I don’t even mind the remastered version. Every remastered or new game u release will always have bugs it’s never perfect until overtime no matter how old it is

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