Life is Strange: Remastered Collection is NOT worth it

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Here is a semi- review of life is strange 1 and before the storm’s remastered collection! I show comparison photos and my honest thoughts on these new games, and honeslty what they could of been.
Here is why I feel these games are not worth 40 DOLLARS!
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0:00 Intro
0:16 timeline refresher
6:40 Life Is Strange
11:53 Life is strange Before the storm
15:37 Viewers Opinion
15:58 Conclusion


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Life is strange Remastered collection is not only avaliable on PlayStation 5,, but other platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows
Experience two award-winning Life is Strange games like never before! Remastered visuals and animation breathe new life into the great cast of characters and gripping stories. Max rewinds time to get to the truth, while Chloe sparks an unforgettable friendship as she struggles to overcome her past.


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  1. update: The life is strange team says they’re looking into the bugs. Let’s see what’s fixed! Ion think they fixing those graphics tho 💀

  2. I've seen so many glitches in true colours too that really gave me a bad first impression of the game. In my opinion the most beautiful game between all of them in the LIS series is Life Is Strange 2 with Daniel and Sean. The game is flawless and has no glitches at all. True colors has such a short and sucky storyline between the games. I wanted to get the remastered but it is so overpriced for a product that isn't even worth that much money

  3. Ill never buy a game from this company again after their new life is strange. 60 bucks for a 9 hour game. Rip off!

  4. Life is Strange Remastered looks far worse than the original. They changed the art style partially so it basically looks like a mess. Aside from some pants, Chloe's eyebrows and some other minor details, everything in the original looks better, particularly lights and shadows. I'd recommend the original 100%, it's a far, far nicer visual experience. I subjectively like the art style and objectively the graphical cohesion is a winning argument. The remaster was fine but pales in comparison.

    For Before The Storm I am more unsure and I've not played it yet, aside from walking down the path and jumping across the fence in both versions. The remaster looks marginally better and the art style clash doesn't seem to be an issue here. Can someone who has played both weigh in on this one, taking into consideration that I have both?

  5. I dont understand, why did they remove voices in the background in the 5th episode in the endless dormitory. And made brightness so imbalanced. It is too dark in the 3 episode, while escaping the dorm and then intruding into the school. And the light can go through the walls in labyrinth in the 5th episode.
    I expected the same graphics, as in true colors.

  6. You shouldn’t have called yourself a clown on your channel cause you clearly know what you’re talking about 💯

  7. One of the problems I couldn’t overlook was the darkness. Some parts were so dark, I couldn’t even navigate through it. Also max would randomly glitch up and down while she was sitting.

  8. I'm really into LiS story, and really loves the LiS and BtS, but don't have any interest in True Colors and i'm searching for some way to use the remastered graphics in the original game, cause in Brazil we have to pay 299BRL for the True Colors; 199BRL for the Remastered Bundle; and 400BRL for the entire bundle (remastered and True Colors) in a country that we receive, almost 1200BRL for a month.
    I really don't wanna to take half of a month wage to pay this.

    At last, nice video 🙂

  9. I'm a big fan too I have all the standard copys of lis and bfts I have sealed copies of the collector's edition, I never asked for remake and I think with the art style a remake would have been a waste of time because it not the graphics that draw me and others to the game
    it was the story

  10. The original life is strange came out in 2015 and what drew me in was its art style it was an amazing story telling game , first ep was free , and the rest was 5 bucks , then on PlayStation they release the whole thing as a gold free exclusive , the remaster is not only to expensive but this game didn’t need new graphics lol

  11. I'd say this was more GTA defective edition remasters than Cyberpunk personally. I also, think people need to stop using CP2077 as a punching bag when they're actually trying to polish up their game and get it right. Everyone forgave No Man's Sky after all and it was wayyyy worse than what CP is at even original launch.

  12. THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYINGGGGG I'm so glad you're talking about this bc it was bothering me so much 😭

  13. MWR is still a $40, and you get one game from it, with this collection you get 2 games. I only bought the remaster because I just got a PS4 from a family member, and wanted to play Life is Strange on that instead of on PC. I didnt experience a ton of bugs, glitches, or crashes, so I had a good immersive playthrough. I enjoyed the remaster, and if I had an old last gen console (PS3 or Xbox 360) I probably would have played Life is Strange on there instead.

  14. I noticed new dialogue in the first episode when you first take the photo of the butterfly in the bathroom. Correct me if I’m wrong but in the original game, Max simply says “when one door closes, another opens” or something along those lines. You get the implication that the butterfly has significance to the story from that one line. In the remaster, Max says that she can “feel the air moving around her” and that the butterfly feels mystical. It felt like very pointless exposition considering the majority of players already know of the butterfly’s significance as they’ve played the game before.

    Oh, and on my playthrough in episode 2 instead of subtitles, the filenames for the subtitles showed up instead. How can someone miss that before it gets released?

  15. As someone who absolutely loves the original and before the strom so i own them on disk and digital so i passed it up i did buy the walking dead collection and i love that one just this one didnt seem worth it

  16. This is horrendous. I replayed the original 4 times with how much I liked it. Them remastering it after only 6 years felt unnecessary. Now, it feels like a disservice.

  17. The fact that they ruined not only the style, but the atmosphere of it, its heart in a way, but they also charged 40 bucks for it?? Man, get the fuck out… I hate what they've done to this masterpiece and it just makes me honestly angry.

  18. I honestly don't know why people like this remaster, the characters look completely different and the style is no longer there. The only thing i didn't like about the old one was that the background didn't look hd? But at least it looked cohesive with everything else.

  19. the original life is strange has been one of my longest special interests but even I’m not willing to spend 40 dollars on this like the new faces just look terrible most of the time 🙁 the games aren’t even very old and I think the original artsy style is perfect for the story and atmosphere ://

  20. There is only a few good moments in the game with the lighting and whatnot. But it wasn't enough to call it a remaster. I bought the bundle with Lis3 and honestly I'm disappointed.

  21. PS store gave a chance to cancel my preorder that came with true colors, it said it had been delayed, but I guess I waited too long and couldn't get a refund. Whatever, gimme another easy platinum trophy I guess

  22. Amazing work on this video. Square Enix as a whole is extremely terrible when it comes to remasters and ports so it's not much of a surprise until you brought up my boy Elliot. How you gonna do his ps2 model like that? xD

  23. Speaking of nitpicking, they definitely forgot to port a lot of the tree wind simulations. It's really obvious when you're hanging out in the blackwell academy courtyard on episode 1, none of the trees moved at all when it was supposed to be a quite windy day

  24. Sorry but even as a diehard LiS fan I wouldn't call it a masterpiece. Highly entertaining and compelling, but not a masterpiece. Also, BtS added more plot holes than it filled imo.
    But I agree with the rest of the video, it really felt like an extra cash grab.

  25. I see a lot of comments complaining about the art style, which honestly didn’t change much 😒 I feel like they simply made the characters more expressive & emphasized their facial features. I just don’t think that and some new dialogue makes the game(s) worth 40 bucks 👎🏽

  26. I honestly just saw this release as the developers of the game getting tired of people constantly hounding them for more Chloe and Max content every time they make something. even if it's related to them. I'm perfectly fine with the game itself and nothing more.

  27. Realistically speaking how much can it actually be "remastered" when its releasing pretty much on the same console generation it debuted on!?

    Creating the remaster to take full advantage of the current gen systems would have made more sense then this rerelease

  28. I never understand paying high price for remasters like yes they do stuff to them but the end of the day it’s the same game you’re just get maybe a better looking game

  29. It’s honestly a shame. I’ve never really cared for Life is Strange S1 and Before the Storm but I get why people love them. I wish the fans of Life is Strange got something better than this mediocre at best remaster.

    You guys deserved something like The Walking Dead Definitive Edition instead of this.

  30. 11:06 Sure this part is smoother, but it's horrible that there's now a loading screen right before this now when before there wasn't. It spoils the transission.

  31. For gods sake, not willing to see such a masterpiece getting ruined
    One good thing about the remastered is that Before the Storm supports original save files

  32. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought the remaster didn’t look great. You’re right that the still photos looked pretty good, but the actual trailers looked worse than the original. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely like how they are finally syncing up the voices to the characters after SO many years, but I liked the original visuals much better. One of my favorite details is Max’s deep set eyes. It makes her look somber, mysterious, and a little worn out. They totally took away the emotion in the characters’ faces and just smoothed them over to make them look more crisp. Anyway, rant over. I’ll still be enjoying my original LiS game🦋

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