Life is Strange: Remastered Collection is Disappointing

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Life is Strange Remastered Collection is Disappointing.
As I said in my Life is Strange: True Colors video, Life is Strange & Life is Strange: Before The Storm are some of the most important games in my life. So, like most fans I was excited, when the Life is Strange Remastered Collection, which includes Life is Strange Remastered & Life is Strange Before The Storm Remastered, was announced. But when the first trailer for it dropped, it received a lot of backlash due to its lack of improvements over the originals & therefore, got delayed again. But now that we’ve finally gotten some gameplay days before it’s release… have things gotten better? Well, as you can tell by the title, they kinda’ haven’t. In fact, they have gotten worse, especially for the people who just want to play the original versions of these games.

Life is Strange: True Colors Review –

Let’s find out why things are not looking LIS Remastered Collection. Life is Strange Remastered VS Original.

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Square Enix’s Life is Strange: Remastered Collection’s platforms are PC, Playstation 4 (PS4), Playstation 5 (PS5), Xbox One (Original/X/S) & Xbox Series X/S.


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  1. Bruh 2:03 is a whole meme template 😭😂

    UPDATE: The launch has been worse than I expected. The games are a buggy mess as of now, borderline broken. If you are still willing to buy this collection, at least wait till it is somewhat fixed.

  2. Not discounting before a remaster comes out is pretty common, dark souls did it as well, except they took down then original after coming out with the remaster. But yeah this looks kinda bad.

  3. I think they should have turned this remaster into an update of the actual game. It would have been nicer than a 45 bucks very light remaster.

  4. Sometimes the characters look pale white or black for no reason also characters with earrings shine on the whole screen

  5. Yoo just discovered this channel while looking up LiS:R playthroughs, because I was unsure if it was just my version that was glitched. I love to find small channels that also have great content, and the fact that you're an Indian YouTuber is just the cherry on top. You've earned my sub!

  6. So recently I've been compelled to replay LIS, and Before the Storm. I already own both of them and played through Episode 1 without knowing about the remaster. Today I got exposed to it, and needless to say. I think I'll be avoiding paying the $40. Nothing from the remaster looks like a remaster. It looks like a fan mod, something similar to the Skyrim retexture mods.

  7. I completely agree. I love the game and was happy to have an excuse to replay the game with the remastered version. Sadly however, the overall price and lackluster visual improvements got me off. Doubling the price of the official game -.-. Nice to hear another big fan talking about it. Really disappointing move by Square.

  8. ligtning is so bad in some places, you need almost sunglasses or in dark places you need to be very close to monitor…..not worthy for 40 euros….Its so awful for me i like originial more after i played remastered but i understand if someone likes it (not playing original) but i still like the story and last choice in the game was very good – more emotions so more crying time for me
    And characters? The most diferences are Chloe and Max, and other characters? Its like: "we dont care, they are just unnecessary adjustments for developers"
    But still i think price is too high for that or with so many glitches or bad lightning it seems like developers didnt play the game before release……maybe dealying release date should be better than after 14 days they wrote: "we are working on patch" = wtf is this…..ORIGINAL GAME WAS MASTERPIECE

  9. Kinda fucked to have a remastered version on the same console that it came out on and not get it for free when you own the original.

  10. Too bad I prepurchased it before True colors came out :'c now I'm here with 2 games that I think Imma play just for old times sake

  11. i watched part of a playthrough of it and it has so many bugs. there were a few points in the video where the audio glitched and there was a scene where two choices were accidentally activated at the same time LMAOO.

  12. Many days after launch and the first patch didn’t fix anything. Still broken. Flickering colours on the screen. Max’s hair doesn’t even move when she walks…

  13. They messed up something about the atmosphere in the game. The color tone changed and it didn't delivery those kind of warm feeling. Deck Nine is not good at games.

  14. yuh imma wait until the price drops waited like half a year for this and its mid i already knew it was gonna be, now i gotta wait longer

  15. It's a mess. Can't get out of Chloe's room in either game lol. Definitely get the Codex version for now if u really want to try it…

  16. i reordered the game, i already new what i was walking into, mostly improvements on facial and fixes here there. i personally don't like the changes in the lighting in the game so far but that all can complain about the game

  17. and this is why i didnt bother playing Final Fantasy 7 remake just stick with the original Part 2 will be ps5 timed exclusive which is a terrible idea

  18. I had a bad feeling when the developers went damn near radio silent for the last couple months on the remasters. Played a couple scenes of BtS remaster, didn't have any bugs that I saw. Gonna give it a bit before I hop in though.

  19. I bought True colors ultimate edition kinda bummed because they didn't change that much but I don't feel bad supporting a developer that made a LIFE CHANGING GAME

    But life is strange 2 was trash

  20. Mine is borderline unplayable. Can anyone help??? It feels grainy, whenever characters move it looks hazy and awful. I had the same issue with True Colors. I have an older Xbox One. Is that why? And help would be awesome, thanks guys.

  21. Dude, you're totally right about this. I think the problem is not even the greed of the publisher, but the mediocrity of the Dech Nine team, their unqualified staff.

  22. "Fuck is up with these puffy eyes dude they look so unnatural!"……camera pans and slow zooms onto your own face with baggage under your eyes. Lmao

  23. If they really wanted to do a remaster this early the graphical difference should have been of 'The Last Of Us' and 'GTA V' level when you compare the games from their original PS3 release to the later PS4 re-release. But then they ran the risk of ruining the charm of the watercolor-like art style. The remaster has added lighting effects that have darkened the overall look of the game to make it realistic but it just feels more colder now and that warmth has been lost. The cool new graphical remaster or remake idea only really works with games that are either trying to be very realistic or came out in the Silent Hill/Resident Evil early gaming era.

  24. I bought the game yesterday and finished two episodes. But if I had to rate it, it's an 8/10. While I do love the improvements with the animation and lip-syncing, it's very subtle. And I was a bit bothered with the lighting because sometimes it would be too bright and other times too dark, had to go into my settings to adjust the gamma whenever some area in the game the contrast in lighting was looked weird. But all in all I'm just happy to be playing this game again.

  25. When are mega corp studios going to realize that the original artistic vision for the art style > new tech
    4K 144fps ambient occlusion extra big-ass textures aren't worth shit if you're going to ruin the artstyle. True Colors looked great because they basically started over from scratch with a new thing. More realistic textures and designs looked good there. The originals were trying to look like water color.
    The remaster looks like they tried mashing TC and the originals like they're making mashed potatoes.

    This version will age way worse than the og's.

    At least it's not broken like the GTA remasters, but that is not the new bar to cross.

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