Let's talk about The Sims 4 Wedding Stories

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We look at the new, beautiful world, CAS items and build/buy mode – unfortuantly gameplay wasn’t working for me, so I decided not to show it. Thanks to EA for this review copy *This is not final software* and patches coming soon! Thank you for watching!

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  1. Everything looks really pretty but I'm kind of bummed that the cake shop isn't an eat in bakery where they can go inside and get served, sit down, have coffee. Also the dress shop would be nicer if it was a real shop where they can go in and try on outfits.

  2. i just have one question: can the NPC’s propose ?? like can ur partner NPC propose to you and u will have the option to accept or decline

  3. Yeah. EA is so pushy with releases and early access.
    It's hurting the brand (and my sweet Sims). The devs are putting so much love into it.
    I'd rather be kept in the dark for another 6 months, to then be able a great game.
    And things will break. That's normal. I can live with that.
    But. I don't trust the EA Execs … lol. It's $, man.
    Sometimes i wish The Sims was run by an Indie developer.

  4. Omg yesss that tree is giving me Great Deku vibes. I’ll take any more videos, glitches and all, from this pack preview that you’re willing to give us!

  5. I'd like to see the break up scenario ending in the full on plush wedding. But otherwise great review, I can't wait to have it myself. Been longing for this for a while. The longer version video is nice, but I had to watch it in 3 goes. LOL Thank you!

  6. OMG – I'm taking a study break & watching your video, but I was just listening to the Bridgerton rendition of Wildest Dreams!!!

  7. I really enjoyed this long review because it feels less rushed and a bit more time into everything 🙂 Such a great pack as well
    for having lots of cas items for all ages 👏👏

  8. The reason why models were historically very skinny is because when you look at outfits on them you want it to look as if they're hanging on the hanger (a blank canvas). Showing outfits on a curvy sim, while very good at depicting how the item will look on the particular type of sim, it makes it hard to see how the item really looks on it's own. I think for showing new items, using really skinny & curveless sims would be better. The same way, when you show a new cc pack you throw it in a "blank canvas", a monotone room with no items in it. You're not going to use an existing lot with pre existing architecture and a bunch of different design style furniture in it.
    I only mention this because I feel like lately all the simmers I watch (including the sims team themselves) are trying so hard to use different color sims, different size sims, different sexual orientation sims, different anything they can think of, and I don't think it's for the right reasons. When they make it intentional and try so hard it makes it feel unnatural, forced.
    A good similar example of overdoing it was when cottage living came out which was meant to be an "English cottage/English lifestyle/English world" pack but the sims in the households were not representative of the English population.
    This is not hate speech, nor is it targeted at Deli to attack her. I'm just bringing this up tp help her and anyone reading this see the line between inclusivity&diversion and exaggeration. And it's not her fault by any means, it's the fault of the faulty society we live in, a world of extremes. A world in which me just saying this will sadly generate *real anger.
    I hope if someone reads this they don't get upset, I say this with love, the real take away here is that we should treat everyone with resect and we should also be honest, natural and realistic so it doesn't feel forced.

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