Let's Review: Perseus Titan Slayer

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In today’s Episode of Let’s Review we are taking a look at Perseus Titan Slayer.

At first glance this game has a great hack and slash feel and really throws back to the good ole days of mindless fun. But Sicarius took things a bit further and tried to inject a fun story in with it.

Join me as I look at the good and the bad of this game with full honesty.

If you want to check out the game do so here:

**Disclaimer I did receive a free copy of this game to review but was not paid to review it or say good things about it, just to share my thoughts and feelings about the game honestly**

Overall I give this game a high C+ in its current state. I think with some time and revisions this game could easily bump to a solid B or B+ for those looking for hack and slash games.

My Video Editor in training (and wife) RiverShine ( worked hard for this and made today’s video happen.

Video Chapters:

0:00 – Intro
0:39 – What is this game
1:07 – A look at the menu
1:34 – Overall First Impression
2:09 – Starting Area
2:29 – Sword and other upgrades
3:03 – Some Gameplay Footage, Speccing & Combat
5:09 – Some Lore/Story
5:52 – More Rambling & Gameplay
6:07 – Level Completion Activities, Specs & Items
8:38 – Even Moar Gameplay & Medusa Fight
9:53 – Death Progression
11:12 – Time Lapse To Medusa
12:53 – Medusa Take 2 & Mechanics
15:45 – Post Medusa Info
16:19 – Final Thoughts
18:54 – Credits

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