1. 1:40:20 I was so blindsided by the Spice Girls reference I had to rewind to confirm I wasn’t imagining things… like the occasional makeup joke it was so unexpected it took me a moment to catch but was so very much appreciated

  2. I was already obsessed with the Cuno impression, but Johnny really sold me on the Thought Cabinet impression about teaspoons

  3. Way too excited to hear my own local myth get a mention! My favourite hobby at uni was to make people not from the North East read the poem of the Lambton Worm and try to work out what is going on 🤣

  4. Kenneth is dead and in that fresh grave, right? I feel like Kenneth is dead and in that fresh grave. This game is deceptively creepy.

  5. what can you tell me about father roach? well he replaced father Rizla, he isnt as good but he helps make people feel mellow.

  6. "Science is the antidote to the poison of enthusiasm…" Yes, Dad. Wouldn't want your daughter to do anything as improper as giving a crap.

  7. Would love to see you play more of this game it was really fun to watch but it's so weird and ominous that I could only play it in short bursts.

  8. This is gorgeous!! Really has that old British folk horror feel. Just everything being slightly uneasy. Would love to see more of this if you'd be up for playing more.

  9. Please do come back to this, I'm enjoying the hell out of it and enjoying your frustration with Britain's Most Unwelcoming Village winner 1840

  10. Oh please Johnny do a full playthrough of this! I'm hooked now and need to know how this ends. Your commentary is the best and I'd love to watch it on your channel!

  11. I would definitely watch another stream of this. The developers of this game, Cloak and Dagger, tend to end their games in a particular way/tone I don't personally enjoy, and I'd like to know if that is the case again here before I consider spending the money on this very well-made and intriguing game. Shame there's no Does the Dog Die-esque spoiler-free guide for this sort of thing.

  12. Don't get to watch these live due to working in the US. However, at minute 45 I'm screaming at the TV, "THE CAT IS TILLET!". At least, that's what my education based on sci-fi tells me.

  13. Just thought I'd pop back and was NOT expecting the synth soundtrack either! Looks great 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend off Johnny ❤‍🩹

  14. Coming from a place called witton-le-wear i am deeply offended by the child call calling it the river "where" its pronounced weer. Rude. Lol

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