Let's Play Martha Is Dead Gameplay PC: SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS

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Join Zoe Delahunty-Light as she gets her morbid on to play #MarthaIsDead, a narrative-driven atmospheric horror game where we’re trying to figure out how our twin sister (in case it wasn’t creepy enough already) died. Full of Martha Is Dead PC gameplay, this livestream is sure to get the chills running through your bones as Zoe tries to figure out Martha’s mystery after being intrigued by the Martha Is Dead trailer… #Eurogamer

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  1. I find it extremely hypocritical that this game wants to embrace sensitive subjects and show gruesome shit like tearing a child’s face off and wearing it like a mask but they can’t have the actress simply read out the letter in full and say “Heil Hitler”. It happened. Why are people so squirmy about it? He existed and he’s dead. Who cares

  2. I would definitely be curious to see more. So far, a couple thoughts about hints being dropped in the game:

    1. We get sort of a hint that Guilia was abused/neglected but I am curious to see if there's a bit of unreliable narrator in that. "She's the reason Martha is deaf" given the time period they had all sorts of wild ideas about things and this could either be a "Guilia used to physically bully her sister and we're gong to claim that's why Martha lost her hearing" or, because they're twins, "Guilia came out first and got stuck and Martha almost didn't make it" kind of deal and the mother held resentment for that. The idea that a disability could have been prevented had somebody not been at fault somehow is a VERY common form of ableism even now, and I'm curious if that was intentionally dropped in like that.

    2. That last bit with the phone call? "Two friends shouldn't do such things" – right after the excess of blood (which, by the way, yes if there is considerably more blood than normal you SHOULD tell your doctor – take it from someone who ignored it for over a decade and ended up needing surgery 🙃 even though yeah I agree they need to stop treating period blood itself like something horrific). Methinks Guilia and Lapos were having a non-mom-approved relationship and this may be hinting at a miscarriage. Which, again, yeah can we PLEASE stop with the pregnancy/miscarriage themes being used for horror purposes because it's so overdone and it's really shitty for so many reasons.

  3. After 34 minutes, I've decided that I'll be Zoe's tequila aunt because she deserves to go to a certain theme park in France after all that.

  4. As a twin I always find it real hard when a twin dies in a story because it does give a real sense of half of me has died if that makes sense.

  5. Would love to see more of this as I found the concept really intriguing, but wouldn't cope playing it myself!

  6. I'd like to see more of this.

    But I also want to see more of Alien: Isolation.

    Please don't make us choose!!!

  7. I appreciate your view on periods. I am sick of being made to feel like it is something that is gross because weak men can't handle it.

  8. I agree that adults saying 'mummy' and 'daddy' sounds so wrong, and is probably a posh thing lol. Interested to see more!

  9. To be fair, Martha's death could be for a political reason. The game is set in Tuscany, Italy during 1944 when Italy was politically divided by the German occupation of Italy (Italy's fascist regime was thrown in 1943) and the Ally and Partisan forces were waging war on the Germans. I don't think it is framed to be this way but I reckon it is a good solid motive. Also those times were good for violent folktales due to the dangerous situation that the country was in.

  10. I know it was just a shocking metaphor, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the “face/off” scene. Just the batshit thought of a girl disguising herself as her twin BY CUTTING HER FECKIN FACE OFF!! lmao

    Also, thanks for giving out content warnings and thinking of those of us affected by traumatic events. I just got by without anything personally triggering, but I know that others appreciate it dearly.


  11. I saw some discourse from a historian around the human chairs/mothers as props and also the stands you can see in Victorian photos. Apparently, the stands were actually used for living people because of the time they had to stand still it was too much for them. Same with the mothers, they were holding the children as a way to keep them still, not to hold them up. Typically death photography was actually of the corpse as a corpse in a casket/coffin or displayed with flowers and people in mourning.

  12. Regarding dressing the twins the same: One of my professors in college was a twin. He and his brother have the same initials, same facial hair and shaved head, same tattoos, wore the same clothes, drove the same car, have the same job (at different universities), have the same wedding bands, married hispanic women, and both have daughters. They also work together as artists. They now both come to my job and I have to double check which one I'm seeing. He was one of my favorite professors.

  13. Giulia's all chatty about guilt, but when the fuck-off ghost appears she has nothing to say!? Priorities, girl!

  14. The vibes were, in fact, off

    Yeah I'd be interested to see more of it! I really appreciate the camera stuff, some of the attachments (especially the infrared one) imply you need to use it a bit and uncover some mysteries. I hope they don't lean on the ~demonic pregnancy~ stuff too much though, they're obviously going full on with the edge factor

  15. This ramped up fast. Thanks for playing this, I never could. I'm fully up for more, and the Tequila Aunt Zoe Disneyland trip.

  16. If it makes you feel better, Zoe. The majority of stories about homicidal spirits associated with lakes and other bodies of water stem from people foolishly walking on bluegreen algae and falling through it into the body of water it is growing on, or from people swimming in brackish water then getting an extermity caught in aquatic flora and panicking because of something they cannot see dragging on them, driving their imagination wild as they free themselves.

    In either situation, the "victim" will claim that something lured or grabbed them, either to save face or a mistake made out of genuine fear. After that the superstition takes over, embellishing the incident through word of mouth until a general consensus of the Tulpa or boogieman is formed. Take note of how virtually all of these spirits have long hair, akin to vines.
    Though these Tulpa/boogiemen do have their benefits, I mean what is more likely to keep people away from a dangerous body of water, saying "The lake is dangerous" or "There is a monster in the lake and it kills curious kids who get to close". Remember everything paranatural has a boring origin, nothing is scary. Monsters are just lessons that teach children what is and is not safe, so parents don't have to worry about them 24/7.
    EDIT: That and people died/bodies were disposed of in lakes all the time back then, so there were plenty of bodies to attach the stories too.

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