Let's Play Life is Strange Remastered Collection on PS5 – BACK TO ARCADIA BAY!

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We’re going back to Arcadia Bay! Join LiS superfan Aoife Wilson as she tries out the brand new #LifeIsStrangeRemastered Collection. Get hella excited, it’s going to be one big nostalgia trip as we hang out with Max and Chloe at Blackwell Academy once again, to see how the graphics and animation have been improved with this new remaster. Will Warren be awful? Will we get emotional? Will we get hella thirsty? The answer to all of these is almost certainly yes. #BayOrBae #eurogamer

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  1. My favourite person on the internet replaying one of my favourite narratives! love this. hope you play the full game

  2. Does anyone know how the PlayStation 4 version runs I really want to get this but not if it’s unplayable I don’t have a PS five or Xbox X

  3. I got the remastered version for £27.99 for xbox series S and yes they could do with some updates.

  4. The most unrealistic thing about this game is that Max is not using her powers to throw hands at some of those assholes. Imagine a teenager being able to go all ham absolutely risk— and consequence free!

  5. This was great, I loved your last LIS playthroughs of 1 and 2, seeing this and true colours is a treat. Will you be continuing this?

  6. I’m really disliking this new marketing trend of labeling games as “on PS5” and “on Series X”, when they’re actually PS4 and Xbox One games. Yes, they’re playable on the new consoles, but it gives the impression they’re actually a native PS5 or Series X game. LiS is one of these.

  7. I had to return and see for myself that the cut from the lighthouse to the classroom has a loading screen now. What a shame. 🙁

  8. It seems that Max knows the name of everybody she walks up to and speaks with on campus. And as a major introvert I can say that I feel more comfortable speaking to someone, even if I only know them a little bit, than walking around by myself. at least, that's the way I am, don't know about anybody else.

  9. I caught this later on in the day. Thanks to Eurogamer for getting me interested in Life is Strange. I absolutely loved this game, and I did have to chuckle at the total F off Victoria in the chat. I thought the exact same when I played this last year. Can't wait for chapter 2!

  10. I believe the Let's Plays were ideal for this type of game. A Stream of those episodes on release day would spoil everything for the audience! Having the option to watch your playthough after mine was just icing on an already very sweet and lovely cake.

  11. What I’ve never understood is how she didn’t recognise her childhood best friend (for many years) just because she had a different hair colour..🤔..😅

  12. I will definitely be in the minority I guess but I kinda prefer the original. True that there are some improvement but my little problem is in the graphics. Shadows are nice but I prefer the artsy touch of the original. Just my opinion.

  13. I kept trying to say Molly Ringwald, but the only thing that would come out of my mouth was "Molly Rigmarole". It's been a really long day.

  14. Max is so not an Oregonian if she questions the purpose of sprinklers—we don’t get any rainfall in summer okay it’s the Mediterranean climate here.

  15. I started playing life is strange for the first time yesterday. completed episode 1 in one sitting. Love it so far

  16. I listened to the soundtrack of LIS 1 on repeat when the game first came out, so hearing "To all of you" kick in at 14:20 overwhelmed me massively with nostalgia. I have goosebumps! Gosh I missed this game…

  17. I haven't watched the stream yet but I just wanted to remind you to romance Warren, he's such a nice guy, not pushy or needy in any way and all the best parts of a boyfriend with nothing creepy on that flash drive /s

  18. I'm so glad they have remastered this, im just about to watch the video but I really hope they did justice to the original in this remastered version because sometimes (kingdoms of amalur) the remaster doesn't turn out so well.

    I love this series so much ♡

  19. Why the hate on Warren so much. I know he is a kinda creep, but he is not the worst. Elliot is far more terible.

  20. Bae > Bay, always…

    I'm not sure I'll ever play LiS S1 again. I loved and loathed my time with that game, whereas despite some issues Before The Storm was just so much better in every way (partly because Max wasn't involved).

    Still, the good stuff of S1 plus BtS and Farewell together make up something very special in terms of a detailed narrative of those people and places during different times.

  21. Your Life is Strange Streams are what got me hooked to Eurogamer. The first time I saw one of your videos was when you played the Maiden demo and your now infamous reaction to Lady Demitrescu. After that I watched your Dark Souls Let's Plays and Life is Strange. I loved how involved you an Johnny were and your discussions about every major decision. I'm still bummed you and Johnny didn't play True Colors together, but watching both your streams was at the least double the content I guess. Glad your playing the remastered versions too. Love you guys❤️
    Warren sucks!

  22. 37:03 He can’t hear you Aoife you know that right? 😂🤣😂🤣 Got to admit though it took me by surprise first playing he tells you to move along if you stand around long enough. 1:06:50 Yes! 😂🤣😂🤣 That’s what you get for being a bitch Victoria 😈

  23. 1:24 is start friends 🙂 Not sure who is most still relatable out of the kids bullied/who has social anxiety as one of them formerly

  24. So uuuuh, what exactly is remastered? Is it only the frame rate that’s better? I thought they were going to overhaul facial gestures etc but it seems like not much happened tbh

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