Let's Play Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires – Part 1 – We Are Very Fast!

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Let’s Play Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires! It’s been quite a while since last I played a Dynasty Warriors Empires game. I only played a bit of 6 and really enjoyed it. I’m glad to see the empires series is still going and I’m excited to dive into the latest one! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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A big thank you to the folks at Koei Tecmo for hooking me up with a code for this. They’ve been very generous and I’m very grateful!


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  1. Cao Cao is pronounced “sow sow”, i said it like you since dw2 until i heard it in a c-drama. Nice vid, wanted to see how it played before i bought it.

  2. The graphics is nice but the speed is to fast and why is some troops keep disappearing and reappearing 😭😱 I still like dw5 empire more
    Hmmm. It’s in my wishlist so might as well buy it lol

  3. Are we going to watch Guan Bumpy joining Guan Yu to assist the Shu? Personally the Wu are more interesting to me but that is from the books.

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