Let's Play Blood Bowl 3 – (Closed BETA) – Part 1 – Learning The Ropes Again!

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Let’s Play Blood Bowl 3! I was invited to join the closed BETA and I’ve been having a blast with it so far. We’ll start by trying to learn the ins and outs before we are inevitably crushed by RNG. My luck has never been very good in Blood Bowl. Let’s see if we can change that.

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  1. Is this some sort of mobile version as the graphics are worse than BB2? More like Blood Bowl 1.5 lol
    Even the block dice has been downgraded to colourless wtf, what actually needed fixing from BB2 was the terrible AI, so bad it didnt even follow its own guidance in the tutorial so playing against the computer was a joke and the complete mess of the online line matches where opponents would just quit if losing and suffer no penalty and was littered with massively op teams because the actual board game rules were not followed as regard to player retirement completely breaking the game.
    This company is just milking the cash cow now, imagine if when fifa come out you had to pay extra for the premier league or mls lol, this is their business model, expect to see Blood Bowl dream team and that monetized crap in this one….. such a shame as the actual implementation of the game in bb2 was excellent ;0

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