Let's Check Out My Wedding Stories!

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We got Early Access to the new game pack My Wedding Stories for the Sims 4! #TheSims4 #MyWeddingStories *This content was …


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  1. Looks lame…Idk how you managed to get yours to work half ass but people are saying left and right the game is glitching and pretty much broken

  2. So is the spousal kiss available at any time? I've let TheSims and SimGuruNick know about the broken interaction with it.

  3. They're not showing up dressed in the color you pick cause that is currently broken. Maxis is working on a patch for these bugs.

  4. Good grief, the bugs are … wow, just. I'm speechless. I dearly hope they fix that until release, but looking at previous packs, I don't have much hope.
    I appreciate the rainbow swatches in theory, but the way they were done, reads tacky to me. There are ways to do rainbow that are so beautiful and a wonderful nod to pride and overcoming hate… but like this? I would look like a clown at a kids birthday party with some of those dresses. Have you seen the one in the free base game update recently? It literally looks like a circus tent in the form of a dress. D:

  5. aww you sound so gentle and positive, i loved your review even though i now know that i'll never buy this! subbed!

  6. is this dine out 2.0? lol I really hope they fix these bugs… like, the MAIN thing of the game pack is the wedding cerimony and isn't even working…

  7. That was absolutely amazing I loved your commentary and honesty about what you saw as you played. It's sad that the pack doesn't seem to work as it should tho.

  8. I hope they'll fix the bugs before releasing it. I really like the items that come with the pack. Great overview, thanks 🥰

  9. The art team for this game always kills it; the world looks stunning, although the lighting is a little too blue and cold for an Italian-themed area. Still, Tartosa looks beautiful. The gameplay, however… no words. Honestly, just stop development for The Sims 4 already. It's so obvious that the core of this game is broken at this point. The base game just cannot keep up with the newer packs, and it's causing visible issues.

  10. this is lowkey really funny 😆 especially the bouquet throwing part. i’m so sorry at how frustrated you were thoug, it must’ve been so annoying. hopefully they fix all these bugs before they officially release it.

  11. Whoever thinks they will fix things during the delay…LOL you're high. They can't fix anything on a timely manner. They might get one bug if you're lucky and it'd have to be game breaking. You'll have to live with all these annoying bugs for at least 6 months.

  12. Thank you for sacrificing yourself as the "guinea pig" to try out this pack! I was cautious about this pack and not bring my hopes up and true enough I'm not going to buy it anyways.

    I find it weird that you have to set the flower pal and ring bearer AGAIN after asking the kids for these roles. Can't they just be on the list by default after asking them? If not then you have to select in a pool of kids that the Sim knows. Easier right?

    Also why do you have to ask your guest to gather for bouquet toss when your Sim already called for a bouquet toss? Why can't the guest respond to the call over by themselves?

    I find a lot of things in the ceremony is tedious to make the whole thing work, and yet it didn't. Sigh, guess I'm going back to Sims 2 or 3 to have decent simulated weddings.

  13. Well this pack is a hot mess.
    Perhaps karma for their PR/marketing stunt gone awry.
    Thank you for posting!

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