Labyrinth of Galleria: The moon society [3] Our first proper dive

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Part 3 – It took us a long time to go through chat and getting a team of 3 units to take on whatever the labyrinth has in store for us. I remember little of how to play this game so I guess we just need to learn how to play a dungeon crawler and hope the team chat gave me is able to stand on their own feet. I don’t think we can do a full deep dive into the labyrinth but at least I hope we can achieve the first goal in a single dive and come back with some good items and maybe supplies for a new team member to join!

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  1. 1:05:33 – Find More Items and Special Orders in Battle are essential. Find More Items is the most important one on the list, by far. In fact, you can't get to the second act of the game without it. If you have to choose between something and that ability, get that ability.

  2. Also I'll say this to you now (I may have said it before, but in case I haven't). I say it to everyone, because this is extremely important. You don't want auto-equip on for your skills. This cannot be stressed enough. Turn it off in the Settings. Later skills that characters get can make your attacks consume HP or DP. So if you keep auto-equip on, you'll be flushing HP and DP later on and not knowing why.

  3. 19:15 – I'll say one thing. This game would probably do really well on PC. The reason I say that is because the ability to map buttons to different actions would be useful to no end. I can't tell you how many times I was trying to use a Mud Exit to get out of a labyrinth, only for my party to open a door or jump across a pit instead, because the game prioritizes those actions over using the Mud Exit. Being able to map that to a different button would be so nice.

  4. 18:13 – Luck affects a few random factors (like how often you do minimum or maximum damage for the rolled tier and how often certain tiles cause status effects), but really the stat is there for an entirely different reason that I'll go over when the time comes. It's really far into the game, so it'll be awhile before it comes up. But when it does, I'll point it out.

  5. 1:55 – And anyone familiar with these games knows that the first thing you do with these is sell all but one of them so you can get some starting funds. You keep one just in case. And don't worry. You'll find more soon enough. Honestly, I can probably count the number of times I've needed to use a Witch's Bell so far on one hand. As long as you don't try to feed yourself to purple enemies over and over again, you probably won't even need them for awhile.

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