[KOF XV] Character Comparison of The King of Fighters XV (KOF XIV vs KOF XV) Side by Side | VCDECIDE

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Side by Side Comparison between the characters of the new KOF XV and KOF XIV.

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– Technical data –
Full Game Name: The King of Fighters XV
Alternative Name: KOF XV/ KOF 15
Developer(s): SNK
Publisher(s): SNK
Release: 2016 (KOF XIV) 2022 (KOF XV)
Comparative Region: American Version
Genre: Fighting Game
Mode: Single-player or Multiplayer (Vs Local/ Online)
Comparison by VCDECIDE


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  1. Bro this just proves these fuckers haven't spent shit on improving the appearance at least not compared to other games on their level n it's not cool. I mean look at this shit

  2. Sheesh! Here I am telling everyone that KoFXV having the best visuals I've ever seen in a fighting game until… I see the busted graphics from KoFXIV! 😯

  3. Buen video, pero la música me provoca ansiedad :s. Se hicieron buenos cambios para la mayoría, sobre todo algunos detalles en cabello o posturas milimétrica.

  4. You want to see where they really succeeded in improving!? Other than the shading, just look at the hair….. that makes them look 1000 times cleaner

  5. KOF IX shader make the characters skin and hair look more realistic instead KOF15 toon shader make them look like the classic sprites in HD

  6. Poderias comparar a versão do PS5 com a do PS4? Parece que há Ray Tracing na nova geração. Até então não encontrei nenhuma comparação de como é o jogo com RTX ligado e desligado.

  7. アテナの衣装新規なのかな?センスいいと思う

  8. Thanks for the vid man. General observations: they worked on the shading, lighting and colors. Also, they ditched the realistic portion of XIV for a more cartoonish finish.. nice.

    They also scaled everyone to be bigger/thicker in XV.. with slight alterations to some characters. I prefer this look a lot more.

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