Know By Heart | Indie game with a slow start but a deep and dark message

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Childhood friends reunite after spending a long time apart, revisiting old memories and rekindling their friendship. However, something beyond their control will ruin this reunion.

Know by Heart is an indie adventure game from Ice-Pick Lodge studio. The title takes place in a Russian village where traces and references to the Soviet-era can still be seen. The game revolves around memories, childhood, friendship, and how to come to terms with loss, others, and your own. We will mostly play as Misha, the protagonist stuck in his mindless job, trapped in the reminiscence of his childhood and incapable of snapping out of it, refusing to grow out of it.

Misha is indeed filled with regrets, regarding his love life, his passion, and the travels he never got to experience. Know by Heart strengths entirely revolves around its atmosphere, ambiance, and narrative elements. Despite being relatively short with a lifespan of 5-6 hours at best, the story is good enough that it doesn’t matter.

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