Kingdom Hearts Karts is now a POSSIBILITY!

YouTube video

Square & Disney it’s in your hands and makes tooooo much sense, let’s get Sora and co onto the TRACK!

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  1. I think Kingdom hearts appearing in Choocobo Racing is more likely since for Disney Infinite the closes thing to Kingdom hearts we got was KH Outfit Mickey so a Squere Enix Racer is more likely for More Kingdom hearts Reps.

  2. I started bbs for the first time the other day and made it to Disney town. Boy was I surprised by the cart racer and pinball mini games. So dope. They also have a Mario party esque mini game. Was genuinely surprised.

  3. If Disney Speedstorm or Chocobo GP adds KH characters, levels like Destiny Islands or Traverse Town, and maybe even remixes of KH music as DLC, it’ll be my fastest DLC purchase since Sora got in Smash.

  4. When the Chocobo motif plays in the song:
    “Ah yes, Chocobo’s theme…”
    When any other part of the song plays:
    “Ah yes, *Moo Moo Meadows…*”

  5. Disney Speedstorm yes, looks like the game have high possibility for Kingdom Hearts to join in, I wish it happens 😭

  6. You mentioned Ragnarok and Ars Arcanum, but what about Strike Raid? Have Sora stand on his kart and send his keyblade hurtling forward or even backward to hit any karts in the keyblade's path.

  7. Well…I mean…I guess I would love a Kart race Kingdom Hearts game. But in comparison, I would much rather have a Kingdom Hearts Battle type game! Where either you can team up with other players and fight the heartless' together or team versus team battles. But this Kart race game…it's fine I guess.

  8. we can increase the chances of getting kingdom karts if cynical sends this video to square. hopefully they will love the idea as much as we do.

  9. Yo my dude have you seen the Kingdom hearts 3 multiplayer mod yet I got to play with a friend of mine and oh my God for the amount of strides that they jumped in a month is incredible you got to check this out joint

  10. We’ve had a preview of a potential rhythm game in KH2’s Atlantica and look where that turned out. I wouldn’t be surprised if a full-blown kart racer was considered since Birth by Sleep already gave us a look at it. Not to mention that new Disney kart game that’s coming out. That would be cool.

  11. 1 and birth by sleep are my absolute favourite games in the series. In particular the original ps2 and psp versions. Final mix doesn’t cut it for me but the secret episode on bbs final mix was really cool. But kh2 final mix all the way standard ps2 is kind of bland by comparison. Lol

  12. I was really surprised about the Disney kart racing announced at the Nintendo direct pat week. Definitely wasn’t expecting that at all.

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