Kingdom Hearts III – OLED Nintendo Switch Gameplay

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Gameplay of Kingdom Hearts 3 (III) on Nintendo Switch OLED in portable mode. This game will be releasing as a cloud version, it lags a lot, also you can’t play it without good Wi-Fi, so Don’t Buy it.

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  1. You play the game on wifi, so of course it lags. It runs much better if you connect you Switch to an ethernet cable.

  2. Unfortunately kingdom hearts collection cloud version is #14 in best seller right now on the Nintendo eShop this shouldn't be in best sellers

  3. With perfect internet – ok, but the textures are still like 480p ngl. 5ghz 1000m/bit here and it was cancer to see the textures after the tutorial. I hope it was a demo-thing but…wew. Hurted.

  4. Can someone please buy the game and play it or do we have to buy it on eshop and then play it 🙏 because I wanna know if it a good game card or is it a bad one on eshop please let me know

  5. I missed out on this series. When I heard Nintendo was releasing it I was so happy . I downloaded the demo and it was just such a disappointment because of the lag . I guess I’ll just have to skip this series

  6. It would have take a very long time to get a true port for KH on switch. Currently Square is over taxed with alot of major projects. KH4 is already being worked on and FFVII:R2 is also in developement. Not to mention FFXVI. The earliest we will see a physical true port of KH onto another platform like switch would be once all those projects have been done with.

  7. "IT LAGS" thats not really a vaild complaint. While I'm disappointed too.
    First off you're playing on handheld mode which means you're playing on wifi. If you don't have LAN or your internet just sucks, yea you're gonna have a bad time thats just how cloud gaming is in general

  8. Yes! I about to defeat Yozora on Critical Mode!

    (Network failure occured, please reboot the game and try again)

    FFFUUUUU!! 💥

  9. I owned a switch and one thing I as a switch owner can actually admit is that it is honestly very outdated like very, it just has hype, but there is no reason KH shouldn’t be able to run on it….

  10. That's why I prefer the version for other platforms over the Switch when it comes to AAA Cloud games. They don't run on cloud servers at all.

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