Kingdom Hearts 3 Multiplayer.. (YES ITS REAL)

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Yes this Video is Real. Yes Kingdom Hearts 3 has Multiplayer. Support the Modders.

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  1. It's not that magical to make a single player game multiplayer, but it is pretty cool that people dedicate the time to it

  2. square enix cant do a multiplayer game but you are a genius!!! good work!!! who wants cloud game in the nintendo switch???

  3. Mods are stupid. Why not take your talents and just make Kingdom hearts Union X a full 3d playable multiplayer RPG? Why not get a job working for the game companies and helping them design these games?
    For smart people, you are all pretty stupid.

  4. We should get a free to play kh online game for console like final fantasy comrades. It should allow custom player characters where we need to gain achievements in kh3 for certain unlockable cosmetics. And maybe a deck system like in 358/2 days? Where we unlock more chips as we play through online by completing missions or purchasing them. All worlds fully explorable of course with only 4 maps at launch but gaining more through updates or dlc. I suggest the starter town from kh1 and of course yensids tower as well as the keyblade graveyard. The other could be the world that never was or whatever it is called. Each dlc giving us 2 or 3 worlds to explore. And just for fun have 3 deck styles for different types of combat styles like vens reverse grip, Roxas dual wield, or the standard that most are used to. I'd play that

  5. Can't remove Goofy and Donald during PvP, huh? Hmmm…
    Hot take: What if you could get ProZD into the project and have him record lines for Goofy to be a combat announcer during PvP? Maybe Donald too, but idk who could VA for him.

  6. I wonder how hard it would be to scale the bosses and enemies based on amount of players in game like Diablo. The multiplayer mod is amazing and I cant wait to see more news of it of it soon.

  7. I feel like it was be kinda a dick move if once this mod is complete square suddenly has the bright idea to implement full co-op mode in kingdom hearts lol

  8. Y'know, we would've had a real multiplayer in birth by sleep if Square Enix hadn't completely fucked us by removing it altogether from the re release bundle

  9. I almost panicked…. kingdom hearts was one of my only escapes from the thousands of multiplayer games plaguing the gaming community. If it got tainted with multiplayer I would of lost my mind

  10. video gamer designer of kingdom heart 3: We can't make multiplayer but we can let you enjoy the game
    Modder: Ha I'll fucking change it like a chad, just like the other modders who change skyrim to be the multiplayer mode or that other games that has single mode into multiplayer mode.

  11. How cool would it have been if KH3 had a multiplayer coliseum/mission mode where you play as all the Guardians of Light.

  12. Just wait square ennix will send out a cease and dessist even though this is free and makes people want to buy this game to play the mod.

  13. I'll give them about a year to polish it and get any kinks out, and then Ima' co-op through the game with a friend. That's incredible. these mod makers are awesome.

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