Kingdom Hearts 3 – Fully Playable Terra Mod is INSANE!

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Kurasa25 has created a seriously impressive playable Terra that allows him to be played from start to finish with a custom move …


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  1. Just seeing this in work reaffirms my believe that they should just have continued the narrative with Terra, Ventus and Aqua as the main cast. For all of the unintentionally funny and awkward moments we get with Sora, Donald and Goofy, it just wasn't worth the pain of the poor writing. Not saying this trio could've meant better writing, but it certainly fits the general tonality of the games much better at this point.

  2. All I want is a fully playable Lea. I don't care if it's a mod or its own game, just let me play as Lea.

  3. That base combo is extremely quick and super snappy. It has actual weight into and looks like it feels great.

  4. It's crazy how much love and support this game has gotten from the P.C bros. Yet SE had the balls to charge us $30 dollars for Re:Mind and it's bare bones content.

  5. God I love using the power of darkness! All of the moves look really cool and flashy and they hit hard! I wish we could use whatever characters we wanted to battle Yozora and the Data Organization 13 members!

  6. Why hasn’t square Enix introduced this game mechanic already?! Why not give players the option to play as whatever character they want once they beat the game!?

  7. When you really think about it, a lot of the Lingering Wills transformations are present in the game. Obviously the star cannon is the Ultima Cannon, but the Yo Yos are kind of like Sora's version of the whip, and somewhere between the hammers and the Ultima Sword is Terras big fuck off great sword. Its kind of cool, like because no one technically taught Sora how to do it he just picked up his own interpretations from the fight. Its also kind of sad because it reminds me that other prominent playable characters like Terra were probably planned and scrapped, that the game really dropped the ball with unique, story specific, Final Fantasy, and secret keyblades and their transformations, and that Riku didn't get to run over demon towers in a Rolls Royce. Hell, if there was FF15 rep we'd probably get and Engine Keyblade with a Armiger form change and the Regalia as a finisher. Oh well, maybe someone will get to crash Luxords fresh whip in the next game.

    Mods, the idea of taking Yozora's sword and animations and Final forms affects to turn them into an Engine blade Keyblade and Armiger formchange is completely free… if someone hasn't already…like, done that. Like all the individual parts (engine blade skin, Yozora moveset, blue dashy particle effects, final forms floaty swords) have likely been done but someones gotta put it together in a functional package.

  8. 12:57 actually it depends if your locked one to one enemy or more than one. If a single target you get the spinning one more than one target you get the Ultima Cannon one

  9. God I hope they make a playable Lea mod someday, and Xion. If they do those I would buy pc KH3 in a heartbeat to use them ><

  10. I actually wouldn't mind if the dev for this mod slowed down the attack animations just a bit. Not quite to BBS levels, but it feels a little too fast for his overall combat style

  11. the so called color palette in carribean is an effect of the world environment, nothing to do with the character textures. So that's just normal Terra in Carribean world's lighting

  12. Can their be a model where they define is glutes? Like how they were defined in his armour. I want him to be himbofied 😩

  13. Hi everyone, I'm going around YouTube putting a synopsis/outline of my own fan made Disney project in the comment section to see what Disney fans in general think of it. Now I've been a fan of the Disney crossover game Kingdom Hearts since I first played Kingdom Hearts 2, but the game mainly focused on it's own mythology instead of the mythology that countless Disney movies and series have developed over the years. So I'm writing my own crossover Disney Manga inspired by Kingdom Hearts. There are many original characters in my upcoming story, but it also showcases many of people's favorite Disney characters. The story works the same like an Anime/Manga, where there are multiple story arcs, leading up to one massive endgame story. There will also be incredible battle scenes that can rival anime such as Seven Deadly Sins and My Hero Academia, along with having a few dark elements equal to many famous anime. It will also have it's own complex Magic System using the concept of Mana, which will be described as the cosmic primordial energy of the Universe that gave birth to Magic. While the Disney movies will be integral to the story, the Disney series both new and old will play an important part of the story, such as Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command, which plays a central role in the story because one of the main villains is the Evil Emperor Zurg. Even some concepts from Disney Junior shows like Sofia the First will be integral to this story, such as the Ever Realm, which will be a huge part of the main story's lore. This story will be similar to an RPG story, I hope you guys like this synopsis/outline.

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  14. This mod today just got an update, adding Terras Base BBS Combo for when you are not using any Combo modifiers, adding the Lingering Will Whip attack to the Earthern Will Melee Combo, a new gap closer, Chaos Ripper Keyblade, the X-Blade, and some other, minor Stuff! It is absolutely incdredible =D

  15. Terra is one of my favorite characters of all time yeah even though he can be dumb at times it's the fact that he held on after 10 years after Xehanort controlled him, and the Lingering Will. His will to protect his friends and try to conquer his darkness made me love him as a character. I do kinda wish we saw an interaction between him and Eraqus cause the cutscene where the Wayfinder trio reunited with Eraqus gave me an idea that him and Terra talked during those 10 years henceforth the lack of an apology towards Terra.

  16. "down to the point of these actually looking official"

    Well, thank you sir! I put these icons together for Kura and this is basically the best kind of praise anyone can get. And with that, hold onto your butts: He's got way more crazy shit planned for this mod, and the next two keyblades will blow even these three away. :3

  17. Whoever is behind the construction of these mods absolutely so talented. By reusing assets in a creative way, they’ve managed to give us something the developers could have done as well but with the heart of the community in it

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