King of the Castle | Coming March 2nd!

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Get ready to make your claim to the crown, as King Of The Castle is launching on Steam on March 2nd! 👑

The Ultimate Party/Twitch-based interactive game where you rule and your friends/foes scheme to dethrone you!

Will you reign supreme? Wishlist now! 👉🏼

Take your rightful place on the throne and lead a fantasy Kingdom to a new Golden Age or to catastrophic disaster! Play with 3 to 3,000 other players who will make up your Council of squabbling Nobles and will vote on your every decision. Face difficult dilemmas where every option has far-reaching consequences for the Kingdom. Navigate politics, regional conflicts, and perhaps even all-out rebellion as your untrustworthy vassals scheme to overthrow you.

King of the Castle is a multiplayer fantasy game of shifting power dynamics and intrigue where the narrative is driven by its players. It features two co-op game modes:

– Play with Friends
In Web Mode, your friends can join your game as Nobles and vote on your decisions through their web browser on mobile or desktop – meaning that only one player needs to own the game.

– Play on Twitch
In Streamer Mode, King of the Castle is fully integrated with the Twitch API. As the Streamer, you’ll play the Monarch and – with a simple “!join” command in chat – your audience can play as up to 3,000 Nobles of the Council, using chat commands to vote on your decisions and influence the direction your Kingdom takes!

– Rule Wisely
Make your choices carefully in your role as Monarch. All your decisions are subject to the votes of your backstabbing Nobles.
Balance the competing demands of the different regions of your Kingdom – each with its own desires, difficulties, and ongoing plots.
Bribe, persuade or intimidate your way through difficult votes that threaten to not go your way, or try to alter the laws to give yourself extra veto powers.

– Make History
Forge the unique history of your realm. As the years pass, your Kingdom will change based on your decisions and the different regions of your Kingdom will rise and fall in power.
Customize your Kingdom. The Monarch and Nobles can choose their own name, appearance, pronouns, and shields.
Execute any Nobles who get a little bit too uppity – but watch out for their allies who might seek to avenge them…

– Beware Treachery
Foilthe plots of treacherous Nobles as they pursue their own schemes to replace you with a puppet ruler of their own.
Tax the regions of the Kingdom that get on your nerves and watch the gold (and salt) pile up!
Watch your back – if your Nobles’ Defiance gets too high, they might just revolt against you in an epic and bloody civil war that will tear your Kingdom apart!

– Keep the Balance
Upon joining the game, the Nobles on your Council are sorted into different regions of the Kingdom. One moment these regions will be pitted against each other – the next, changing circumstances will turn them into uneasy allies.

Each Noble will hail from one of the following lands:

– The Wintry North: where the honorable Chiefs feast in clan-halls atop snowcapped mountains.
– The Wealthy Coast: where the cunning Patricians luxuriate in their villas and run their trade guilds.
– The Vast East: where the ruthless Counts lurk in forbidding castles within eerie forests.
– The Untamed March: where the tough Barons guard your borders and train your troops
– The Scorching South: where the zealous Grandees dwell in sun-bleached manors and pray to the Ninth God for salvation.

Based on your decisions and the votes of the Council, over the course of your reign some of these regions will become wealthy and prosperous, while others will descend into anarchy, or rebel against your rule.

As the Monarch, it’s up to you to keep them in check.

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  1. Saw my favorite youtuber Johnny Chiodini try this out in Early Access and fell in love with the game! So excited to finally be able to buy it!

  2. hi i know this isnt hell let loose but there is no way to contact you so here it is, i got kicked by the enamy team in a match for abuse, i was in a church tower in the enamy lines getting kills, they kept coming for me and i kept killing them without being able to move because id be killed, you need to remove the enamy teams ability to report the other team because these kids were just sad i was there, there was also only 19 min before the match ended when i got into the tower, please do something about this cos i cant keep playing with salty children who cant handle good tactics, also there is no rule against camping in that particular server and i was banned for an hour.

  3. Llerad has been caught cheating – if they are not banned a lawsuit can be filed. just heads up

  4. BlindedByTheGrind was recently caught cheating in marauders. Recommend ban/moderate the account. If you dont then legal action can be taken against you

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