King of Fighters XV | Review in 3 Minutes

YouTube video

KC Nwosu reviews The King of Fighters XV, developed by SNK.

The King of Fighters XV on Steam:

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  1. as a returning veteran who has followed the franchise for years and this game from all the trailers, promos, and betas I thought this was a very good review that was very fair the only thing I disagreed with was your take on the character models but hey to each their own

  2. This review is spends a bulk of it’s 3 minutes complaining about the story mode which when you get into online play, is a non-factor. The focus should be in describing combat feel and I will admit that the timing can at first feel super strict and difficult because the game doesn’t tell you that YOU CAN HOLD THE BUTTON DOWN FOR THE UPCOMING SPECIAL MOVE while the previous attack is doing it’s animation and the next move comes out on the first available frame. That move buffer feature plus the way the game reads inputs means that if your previous move used a motion present in the next desired move, it already counts as the motion being input and you don’t have to do the motion again which makes everything much easier. Again, the game itself doesn’t tell you this which is to the detriment of it’s perceived accessibility but once you figure it out the game opens up so much more and is actually pretty simple with a great rhythm to it’s fighting. Also unlike more “anime” inspired games, this game is more about pokes than combos with 20 different inputs in it. Yes, when you have meter you can chain specials into supers into climax supers for a decently long chain but most of the game can be played at the base level with jump in normal attack -> ground close heavy attack upon landing -> command normal (a normal move from A,B,C,or D options which you also press a directional button at the same time to do) -> a special attack. That’ll get you online and having fun at a moderately competent level for beginners

  3. NOPE!! – "King of Fighters 2006" was ALSO 3D and KICKED ASS on the PS2!!!! Also, Maximum Impact on PS2 and OG XBox was 3D – but not as good.

  4. what do you mean with laughably garish? it's that good it's that bad? i mean yeah they're anime type characters, that's kind of the point o what am i missing?

  5. So will this fighting game last and be played for the next long while? Been looking for a fighting game to get into.

  6. The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact was released in 2004, making it the first 3D KoF game well before KoF XIV. It's a relatively obscure title from almost twenty years ago, so it's easy to overlook.

  7. I'm sick of fighting games putting such little effort into their story modes, especially it's just text and still images.

  8. FIFTEEN!?
    I don't think any other game franchise has that many numbered releases.
    Final Fantasy has only just gotten there in recent-ish years.

  9. Well the new 3d look will bring in way more people than it remaining in 2d so this is a big step up then from how it used to be.

  10. I mean, I'm understanding of someone having trouble with combo links, but you just gotta practice. Your implication is that these perhaps should be easier (otherwise, I don't know why this would be a criticism), but the fact that they are difficult is what makes them enjoyable and rewarding. At the end of the day, fighting games are based on delayed gratification, but that's what makes them great.

  11. I'm really excited for the game! I played the second beta and the rollback netcode was pretty good. If you are an starter, I recommend you to not be afraid and give the game a shot, the characters have somewhat similar combo systems, and you can do high damage just by doing simple combos

  12. Oh hey, it looks like Terry from Smash Bros. made it in.

    Also, fifteen? I'm not super familiar with the series, so I had no idea they were that many entries in.

  13. Yeah, The KoF story is absolutely crazy. And now Ash is back. So I can only imagine the ammount of hoops they jumped for that to happen. Still, as a mexican, this is the game of my people, so I shall get it.

  14. Good to see more fighting game reviews, from The Escapist's resident fighting game expert!
    Nice review KC 🙂

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