King Of Fighters XV Input Buffer Bug Explained

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I do not think that XV was intentionally designed this way. Personally I’m currently convinced it’s a bug, especially because of it sometimes working and sometimes not. I would hate for a misunderstanding to happen. So I just wanna make sure of that.

Thank you to Chowdizzle on Discord for testing this out for me and figuring out the input buffer across each fighter for this. His Discord is Chowdizzle4125 if you have any questions.

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  1. Thank you to Chowdizzle on Discord for testing this out for me and figuring out the input buffer across each fighter for this. His Discord is Chowdizzle#4125 if you have any questions.

  2. This doesn't seem like a bug per se with the game itself, it seems like a compatibility issue with whatever controller/fightstick you are using, like when in some old no mechanical keyboards only some keys would be registeref if pressed together, and some will never register together, I doubt is a ""buffer bug"", some people in this same comments are saying that using a macro would ""fix" the "bug".

  3. Actually in all previous kof games, when you run and do qcf+a for example, you got a DP instead of a fireball using Robert in this example. If you wanted the fireball to come out instead of the DP, you do qcf,f,a and then the fireball comes out. Same example goes for Athena in xiii, if you wanted to run and command grab (HCF+a/c), you do HCF,f, a or c otherwise if you do just run and then HCF +a DP came out. In XV if you add any directional input after a motion, you just miss it, a normal comes out. Also, in previous kof if you wanted to do instant air phoenix bomb with Athena for example, you do 2147+b (qcb and backup diag) or d, now if you do so it just do jump b. It really needs to be fixed.

  4. But that's what I don't understand. The plink technique wasn't required literally for decades…yes I'm that old…now everyone using it when it's not necessary.
    However, you are saying in your tests the moves are still not coming out correctly WITHOUT the plink?
    Then yes that is an issue.

  5. Thanks for researching this. It’s been giving me issues-and I’d lean towards some kind of bug because I’ll get normals even when using the EX button shortcut sometimes, though I’m not sure if there’s something I’m doing with inputs that is causing that so I can’t be sure it’s related.

  6. I haven't noticed this bug with EX moves as I play on keyboard. The only inconsistent command I regularly miss is Clark's Command Step. It might just ne the responsiveness of the keyboard.

  7. The big mistake is to compare this game with street fighter. The execution is different and as a veteran KOF player, I have no problem playing the game with what you say. I know that if I want an EX move I should press 2 buttons and only then will an EX power come out. I've been in the game for 20 hours and nothing you say happens to me.

  8. As a person who's journey began with KOF 95, I really do appreciate you using Arashi no Saxophone on this vid. Really made an old fan smile!

  9. The game have the option to bind two punches or two kicks to another button, pretty much solves the problem. People who really want to get agile in this game need to learn to use all 8 buttons in combos even if it technically has only ABCD. Which is not hard to achieve by training muscle memory.

  10. I've personally had no problem cancelling to ex moves, then again, I have my button combinations mapped to shoulder buttons. I don't mind the strictness anyway.

  11. I have a few questions about this. First which version of the game this is happening on (pc,PS4,PS5,xbxs), second was it tested on different types of controllers for example did you try it on the controller and then an arcade stick to see if there are any differences?

  12. Holy crap, I thought it was me. I was wondering if the game was broke. I was so confused when similar things was happening to me.

  13. Personally. i cant get over there not being ANY input buffer for Normals, Dash, and Jumps in this game. it makes movements and buttons feel AWFUL! went back and tried KOF 98. sure enough there was an input buffer consistent for everything in that game.

  14. Its not a Bug and not a Feature. The problem is that the PS5 Version has 91ms Input Lag. Try the Series X or PC Version you want have that problem there.

  15. Is it also natural that if I'm running at someone and taking a noticeably long pause, input a 236 command after I get a DP?

  16. This is tested wrong.

    Every time you got the EX dp to come out, you pressed A+C for dp BEFORE the 15th frame of the 2nd hit of close.C.

    1st ex = A+C pressed at 14th frame of 2nd hit of close.C – (didn't press anything before A+C).
    2nd ex = A+C pressed at 14th frame of 2nd hit of close.C – (pressed C at 12th frame, 2f before A+C).
    3rd ex = A+C pressed at 13th frame of 2nd hit of close.C – (pressed A at 12th frame, 1f before A+C).
    4th ex = A+C pressed at 12th frame of 2nd hit of close.C – (pressed A at 10th frame, 2f before A+C).

    Any other time you cancelled the 2nd hit of close.C it was more than 14 frames. Thus, you didn't get an EX dp. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that ex moves have a stricter window to be cancelled into, rather than the fact that you're plinking timing is wrong. Because whenever you did press A+C even after plinking at 14 frames or before, you got the ex dp to come out.

    Check your footage again.

  17. Why would you plink in this game? I am new to KoF but it does not look like you would need it in XV at all, or am I missing something?

    Ok. Maybe on reset, wakeup or after dash. In these situations plinks make sense. But not in combos.

  18. Love how he goes from being calm and concise, to throwing out strained f-bombs whenever something doesn't make sense

    Good shit

  19. Maybe that's why I'm having a hard time climax canceling from normals. I'll get shatter Strike, not what I wanna do game!

  20. 4:36 I always thought when you input something inconsistently in a video game, the game should somehow represent it. I don't think it is frustrating for plinks to be considered plinks if you inputted a plink yourself. That should be an example of an area you need to personally improve. However, the way the game handles EXs between in neutral and in combo is very inconsistent. The game should definitely pick to have strict input or sloppy but acceptable input registration.

    Coming from a guy who loves frame 1 link combos and microwalk juggles, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  21. Is it a character bug because it wasn't happening to me?. You can pre buffer moves in combos if you hold the buttons it will happen on the first frame available. Maybe this is why I don't have it happen to me, because I abuse the buffer system lol

  22. Damn that sucks. Haven’t experienced this issue myself because I play on pad and have hot keys for both punches/kicks.

  23. I thought I was the only one experiencing this! I was loosing my mind! Glad to know it’s a bug and hope it gets fixed.

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