Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator!! – (IGCollective Showcase)

YouTube video

This was such a fun game to showcase! I loved the mix of 2D and 3D graphics, along with the characters and the story! I’m curious as to what Mr. Wilson is up to… He’d better not come after us, I have satanic blue cards to protect me and my talking bird!

Check out the game on Steam:

Check me out on other platforms:

Open your own Card shop by the seaside! Buy, trade and sell Cards, OR keep them for your own collection! Earn reputation with customers, beat your shop goals, unlock new decorations, and host exciting events to bring everyone to the best Card shop in town!


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  1. Really great video and such a cool game! Have you ever heard of the game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure? I think it would be an amazing game that you'd enjoy!!

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