Johnny vs. Final Fantasy VI

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In today’s episode, holy crap, it’s my longest review yet! Let’s look at the last SNES Final Fantasy title, FInal Fantasy VI!

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  1. Not only is this video the longest review Johnny has done it’s also longer than clements video about FF VI I just think that’s funny

  2. After your review, I had the greatest intent to play the game again, and luckily the pixel remaster came out just yesterday on Steam. Instantly picked it up!

  3. congratulations on beating sonic 06 in length johnny.(thankfully, it's with a great game.)

    favorite final fantasy game as i love it's characters(favorite in the series with 7,9,10 and 15 being close as i love the protagonist you can attach to with the cast switching around in different stories,think with a huge cast there'll be some unevenness which the 2nd half has but all of them are charmingly memorable with shadow,gogo and umaro being forgotten but compared to vincent,9's cast and others that could've had way more added the 1st half makes up for and doesn't fully miss out in the world of ruin with it's characters arcs.),story(favorite in the series with it's focus on characters that has my favorite ending in the series & all the moments it has with it's gameplay and even with it's flaws became where the series fully had a story.) ,exploration(which is the biggest flaw in the 2nd half as it doesn't fully make up for how scattered everything in the huge world is/how areas like narshe outside saving mog are empty but don't feel it's as bad as earlier games.) ,

    villain(kefka's the peak to me as i love that he wins as a god,his rise from experimented to his mind broke childish servant to a nihilistic god,love the confrontation at the end,his theme and compared to being one note/wasted opportunity outside memes like other ff villains or barely a character that's more just symbolism for another characters pain like sephiroth who is more "the emperor with a sword"/flimsy in several areas including ripping off kefka in parts not as strong.),music & especially narrative themes with fun gameplay that along with 9 is the next final fantasy game i'd really love to see a 7 style remake of.

  4. @SomecallmeJohnny Hey Johnny, have you heard the Sabin Rap song?? it moves me everytime!! You can find it on youtube.

  5. Hey, thanks for making a video on one of my favorite games as well! I remember getting this game on my gba when I was 11. Honestly, I couldn’t even get through narshe the first time playing, but I picked it up again and once I got past it, I was completely drawn into the world. The soundtrack made such an impact on me at the time. I even went on YouTube during the early days and looked up lets plays and the osts of the other games cause I was fucking hooked. Anyways, time to keep watching!

  6. Yes I skipped the plot sumary, I am currently playing FFV and I just discovered your channell, I binged the entire metroid, castlevania and sonic marathons but I cound't stop on FF right? I promise that I am going to rewatch the entire video properly next time. Thanks for the spoiler warnnings and thanks for the cool videos Johnny

  7. Guess we'll have to wait till you re review 06 for it to me an hour and eight minutes long. 🤷‍♂️

  8. I normally wouldn't skip the summary, but I plan on going back through the game again for the first time in nearly a decade, so I want to keep things as fresh as possible. Though I didn't finish it, I know a lot of what happens because I was in the World of Ruin before I stopped. I got my ass handed to me in that tower where Strago and Relm are and put the game down. Recently I went back through 5, 7 and 12, all of which I similarly got close to but never finished, and I think it's time I do so with 6.

  9. I'm enjoying it for the first time playing the English patch for the original JP version and playing it with a friend over the internet is so much fun. While I don't prefer FFVI to FFX, it's still a really good game.

  10. This is just awesome. Especially coming from a kid who got this game for Christmas in 1994 (let me tell you, my mom let me know about the $70 price tag and $80 after tax). I've never stopped loving it.

    However, as amazing as this is, is John going to attempt to do a point-by-point breakdown for the plot for ALL the games? How long is the FFVII vid going to be? The FFXI? John's going to lose his voice.

  11. Fun secret vs atma weapon. Since he’s pure cosmic energy, you can kill him by making his MP 0. It’s actually easier as you don’t reach the hp threshold for him to start doing his nasty spells

  12. This is my favorite game of all time. I've been a fan of it since it release in 94. It's a game I feel like I know like the back of my hand and I still find new ways to learn about the game almost 30 years later thanks to video like yours, great video my dude.

    Also thanks for calling Locke out as a creep because I felt that way for a long time. Worst then Edgar even.

  13. Didn't skip the plot summary. It's on in the background while I work. Have never played the game past the transition to the World of Ruin. One day I'll need to go back and see the rest of the game for myself!

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