Italian Horror Game Martha Is Dead Censored by Sony – First Time?

YouTube video

Well THIS is interesting: A western developed game getting hit with Sony’s amorphous poorly explained content policies! Threw this together before bed real quicklike.


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  1. For the last 3 years Sony has been on a censorship spree ever since they moved their headquarters to SJW California it started with indy and Japanese games being censored or not released on PlayStation to AAA games like DMC 5 mass effect l legendary edition resident evil and MK 11 being censored to avoid sony's wrath but yet last of us 2 the Abbey sex scene that's okay

  2. But still though will people actually look into Sony's bullshit policies on violent games, because I know the average American most Gore than tits,and also the PlayStation 3 was a confusing mess to release games on

  3. Extreme, boundry pushing, gore has been a staple of Giallo or "Italian horror" for decades and to want to cripple it misses the point so fucking hard it's not even funny. I've been with the PS since the PS1 and loved their consoles, but their recent stance on the censorship of media I can't stand with and the two faced hypocraciy of a it just makes it worse.
    And side note, I am still fucking salty about how Senran Kagura has been treated by them.

  4. The biggest of oofs, though its to be expected from a company trying its darnedest to attempt to emulate the success of Microsoft’s businesses ventures in industries outside of their video game pet project

  5. There is a point where I can say that censorship is not something I'm bothered by. Stuff like cultural differences, unfortunate implications, covering one's own ass because, I'll be fair here, it's unreasonable to say that all content should be fine for everyone, and that the idea of at least some base morality shouldn't be discounted (although this covers way too much ground).

    But inconsistent standards is weird.

  6. En vecka censurera nästa vecka inte alls nästa vecka det är samma sak igen jag svär Split personlighet Snackar inte vi den där sjön Man kan korkad

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