Is this only Trial 2?!? – Danganronpa 2

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I’m gonna pick my nose right now.

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  1. "We don't want to make this playthrough take too much time"

    Several hours of Arin fucking up controls and looping sections for lack of Skills ensue

  2. Arin has gotten to the point of nitpicking where he's complaining about the colours of letters on a bag.

  3. God FORBID! You should ever take some time off cam confirming the court room controls and buttons for your controllers! GOD FORBID THAT SHOULD EVER HAPPEN! For then we would miss out on all those moments when you struggle and twist against the machinations of FATE AND DESPAIR! YES ARIN! Just like Monokuma THIS IS WHAT I CRAVE IN MY SOUL! BWAHAHAHAHA….

    jk <3 no but seriously though, don't make such a big deal of it. Figure it out, write down a note. It's not that hard. Don't be a baby.

  4. the thumbnails on this channel have taken a steep dive. Get your faces out of the way and be more practical like you used to please.

  5. Even Dan knows the gameplay sections better than Arin. Dan's over here like "Hey, you know that over-powered slowmo? You should use that."

  6. Now that i think about it 😭 how tf did any of the killers not realize they have a whole ass medical student there to debunk any cause of death theories they laid out

  7. Speaking as someone who has no idea how this game goes, I feel like Mikan has to die soon – her ability to perform autopsies on the victims is a little too helpful to the case, just like Miharu’s photography talent. If she doesn’t die between now and the 3rd or 4th trial’s conclusion I will be very surprised.

  8. This episode, for some reason, the script didn't work and Arin's mic randomly disconnected. If that isn't peak GG I don't know what is.

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