Is Edge of Eternity a must have JRPG? | PvC Mini Review

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  1. If you get pass the fact that this isn’t a triple A game this experience can be magical !! I hope they get more funding n make a part two

  2. Been enjoying this on Series S. Performance mode is best way to play. Barely any difference visually compared to quality mode but feels waaay smoother.

  3. I'm a few hours in and I agree with your review. There is a lot to like in this game, and the fact that it came from such a small development team is a feat in and of itself. I'm playing on the Xbox Series S and I haven't had any game-breaking bugs or glitches, though performance issues and framerate drops often occur. I also fund the Ui and world map clunky and difficult to navigate, and I'm not a fan of the tactical grid element of the combat. It feels like something that simply prolongs battles and adds nothing of value, but that's more an issue of personal taste. Despite all that, I'm enjoying it. Not a masterpiece but it checks most of the right boxes for a JRPG and I look forward to playing more of it.

  4. I'm so conflicted with this game. I'm only a few hours in, and I'm surprisingly captivated. On the other hand, I also ran into numerous bugs. One right out of the gate where the game wouldn't let me move a certain character to another tile. Not a good sign when you're stuck on the tutorial. I also stuck between obstacles a few time exploring too close to the edge of the map.

  5. This seems much better then i would expect from someone with your sub/view count. Good luck and thanks for the video!

  6. Music is ok not one thing sticks in ur head no ear worm here its all good for moments in the game but nothing outstanding not considering who was involved with greatness off chrono trigger cross etc doesnt compare

  7. This game obviously lacks some polish but I’m only an hour or so in and I’m enjoying it. And the character dialogue actually made me laugh. First time an rpg has done that in a while.

  8. Good video only spot I disagree with you on is the health refills post fight lol but that's very subjective I just prefer avoiding the tedium of worrying about the stuff you listed as to why you would prefer not having post fight health refills lol but again good video sir 🤘 gamepass for the win with this game

  9. Didnt even know they released a console port. I always saw this on steam and would read the patch notes waiting on 1.0

  10. I dunno what’s up with English voice acting in jrpg video games, but I have to say, in almost all the games Ive played, compared to the Japanese’s, its terrible, none of the lines are delivered with the same intensity; the worst one being Xenoblade blade 2 which, to me has the most garbage fake british/irish/american accented voice actors humanity has ever birth. It’s so bad I still remember it and I feel tormented by those memories. 🤣

  11. It reminds me a lot of Star Ocean 4/5 and Phantasy Star Online 2. The frame rate on pc look horrid. I looks like battles are quite slow due to them wanting to animate everything in detail like a 2000s RPG. I might it up on ps5….. on a sale.

  12. Thank you so much for the review. I saw the game listed on Xbox Game Pass today and downloading it now. I'm glad xbox is putting jrpgs like this on their platform.

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