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  1. Great review! I recently finished the game, and I had a great time with it. I spent the first two hours maxing out my strength. Then I found the Blue Skeleton in the catacombs that gives you 250XP for each kill. Needless to say, I know his attack pattern. Max level gameplay is fun. I missed out on the other endings, but I feel like playing through this game once was enough for me. Thanks Game Pass!

  2. This is basically Shovel Knight for us fans of Zelda / Castlevania 2, and I'm super stoked it plays as good as it looks. Another great game from Berzerk!

  3. Love side scrolling games but with modern graphics like Metroid Dread, Castlevania Lords of Shadows-Mirror of Fate and so on. These 8-bit era games not so much.

  4. For a bit of fun…name your character "Ass". I don't know if other words work but there's a funny bit right after you put in your name

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