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Greetings Indie Warriors and welcome to our review of Infernax on Steam/PC. Infernax is a 2D action-adventure game from developer Berzerk Studio and publisher The Arcade Crew. Infernax is also available on Nintendo Switch, PS4/5 and Xbox family of consoles.
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A review code was provided for the purpose of this review.

“Infernax is the adventures of a great knight who returns to his homeland only to find it plagued with unholy magic. Uncover the mysteries of the curse and face the consequences of your actions.”


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  1. Thankfully this is on Game Pass. I would have been upset if I paid full price for this. I uninstalled it after an evening. There's just way too many games out there that do what Infernax fails to do. One of the first notable disappointments of 2022.

  2. As one of the people who loved Castlevania 2 on the NES as a kid, I really want this. Will be picking it up, at some point, for sure.

  3. I found a place selling a physical copy of this today, picked it up in a heartbeat because of this. Didn't even realise there was one. Physical forever!!
    Hopefully it arrives tomorrow really looking forward to it

  4. Everyone: Dis is just lerk Castlevania and Link 2!

    People who actually played 80's/90's games: literally Faxanadu and Battle of Olympus.

  5. guess i am not used to restricted combat stopped playing pretty quick , love the art but the combat feels bland and boring constantly waiting for enemies to enter a certain position just to press 1 button little boring , good throwback game but lacking the game design to make it fun to play in my opinion

  6. This game is so good, it oozes style, and those little cut scenes are just the best. It's like the perfect little pixel platformer, only game that's gotten me to play anything besides Arceus on the switch

  7. If you grew up playing NES platformers and wondered how much better it could be with modern code, you'll enjoy this.

    The graphics are true to 8-bit style, controls are very responsive, and colors are very bright.

    Classic mode feels like playing a classic nes game. I've had a few deaths but nothing that felt unfair. There are things the game does that make it just a little more tolerable than a true old school game.

  8. I had my eye on this but was about to sleep on it since it looked difficult. Thank you for clearing that up. Games like this one help fill that void konami has neglected by giving us a decent castlevania retro like experience. Great and informative review as always. I feel your channel has the best indie videogame reviews on youtube. Keep up the great work guys. 👍

  9. This game sounds and looks amazing! So it’s a love letter to Castlevania and trying to build upon Castlevania 2? I have to try it. I always hoped Castlevania 2 would of been remade when IGA released OoE. Thank you will pick this up!

  10. Infernax is definitely my kind of pixel art platformer😊😊😊

    I'll be downloading and enjoying it tomorrow through PC gamepass. Excited to play through it.

  11. I'll definitely be checking out Infernax as it seems right up my alley. A combination of elements from Simon's Quest and The Adventure of Link sounds promising and I look forward to seeing how the choices impact the game and story. I've been in the mood for a game like this and the gore looks like some silly fun as well.

    The inclusion of a casual mode also sounds nice because while I am not averse to games that are difficult, I do prefer them to not be overwhelmingly so. Having a mode where I can build up my skills in the game and play it through before taking on a brutally difficult challenge in a harder mode is an appealing feature for me.

  12. I might try this one a little later down the line, provided it works well on Switch of course (although I can't really see why it wouldn't). But it looks fantastic for those who love games that call back to ones of older eras, and accessibility options are always a massive plus, hence why I think I might try this one at some point. And as always, this was another great review.

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