Infernax – Grimdark Undead Apocalypse Crusader RPG

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Infernax gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Infernax and check out a game where a lord returns to his lands to find them ripped apart by strife, bandits, and the slavering undead.

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  1. Ah yes, the gameplay of Zelda2, with music that sounds like Simon Quest meets Wizards and Warriors. Neither of which is a bad thing ;p

  2. You can see the heavy Faxanadu influences, too. I usually hate games with a heavy christian theme, but this game looks good enough to make up for that.

  3. I love this tendency of paying homage to old school games while also using modern possibilities for a smooth and deeper gameplay and story.

  4. Looks cool, but the music is really bad and reminds me of Pokemon, which is even worse.
    Game seems fun, but I'd give 9.99 tops.

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