Infernax full blind playthrough Bad Ending

YouTube video

I had seen a little bit of this game prior to release and was happy I had the opportunity to play it, it is a solid game!

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Hi, I’m Dan! I have been creating content since 2016. I have come a loooong way from my early stream times and have gone through variety, speedrunning, and tons of retro gaming. I try not to take life too seriously as life is too short to be mad. I just want to leave a lasting positive impression on the world. I am a father of 2 kids. I also create music and do video editing for others on the side. I am also verified Spotify artist!

I am a full-time content creator, professional musician and video editor. I just want people to have an experience that leaves them smiling,laughing or otherwise happy. I love anything music related, videogames, travel, or anything else otherwise interesting like how things are made.

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  1. This was really fun to watch live. Looks like a game I'll want to pick up and die a lot in before finally also getting the bad ending.

  2. Took me a bit to get through the whole video, would have liked to be there live. Would like to see the good ending stuff.

    I think for that one jump maybe you're supposed to just walk off, then do the up attack? It really looks like that wasn't the intended way, glitching forward through the edge of the hitbox. Even then, I think that room could use adjustment. At least put a spike floor under it or have a long walk back or something.

  3. You have got to be the worst platformer gamer I've seen. You hardly use your shield to block..and you die more times than I ever did in Castlevania type games. Frustrating. Love the game..but the skill level is horrible here.

  4. Lol i was stuck at using the lightning aswell,but they do give you the clues🤣ima save after,and watch a movie now

  5. Amazing skils, congratulations on finishing the game, I absolutely love this product. I will definitely enjoy it if you play again and aim for the good ending. Also thank you so much for uploading this

  6. It's not the bad ending, it's normal ending, there's a good road where you do good things and the bad ending is when you go a evil road

  7. How do you save the husband under ground? It's the only quest I have left other than the urzon citadel now. Please help, its pissing me off.

  8. That music that goes to the cutscene for night, is ALMOST identical to Contra's opening. Love it. I kept waiting for the crashing noise at the end but sadly, no.

  9. Thank you so much for uploading this. I had the same problem as you and I could not figure out I had to use the lightning for the next castle haha

  10. "thanks for saving my husband and bringing him back to me!"
    immediately blasts husband and wife with a ryu haduken fireball

  11. man fk this game, i been walking around the whole world all day not knowing i had to lightning the fkn water. wtf

  12. Hello the game isnt too short ? -_- 20 buck for 5 hours of playing… when à bloodstained cursed of the moon need 12 hours min too finish true end with New way… :/

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