Infernax 2022 PC – 1st Full Walkthrough on YouTube?

YouTube video

Infernax is the adventures of a great knight who returns to his homeland only to find it plagued with unholy magic. Uncover the mysteries of the curse and face the consequences of your actions.

This video it’s a full playthrough of Infernax [PC] from start until the game was beaten.

XBOX: free with Game Pass

Special thanks to MCAaronIce (Twitch Mod & Editor), Cochran (Twitch Editor), Creloce (Twitch Editor & Thumbnails), tetohmu (Stats Chief Editor), SkamSoso (Stats Editor Assistant), Ventus34 (“Retro Boy – Wheel” Programmer), Nettleflap (On Stream Stats programmer), MoonieK (Twitch & YouTube Editor) and last but not the least “All of You” for supporting me during this project.

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  1. when I play video game I bring down all the saints lol! Its a sign of a good game! I remember playing cCuphead probably earned me an couple hundred years in hell.

  2. I'm stuck in the game and can't seem to progress. I killed the guy that wanted me to destroy the damn, but can't go any further. Like 2ish hours in and the guard isn't asking me to help the missing guy who you find and give potion to. Not sure what I'm missing.

  3. Nice – its sad that after playthrough they don't give u the real ending or atleast let u

  4. Thanks man this game looks awesome reminds me a little of blasthemous but 8 bit im 100% going to be picking this up

  5. Man this game is so awesome. It might just be better than Bloodstained, or at the very least on par with it. I hope that everyone supports this developer and hope we get many more like it!

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