Imprison, Rally & Swarm : M Almost Zeroed in SoC KvK against OneV

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Imprison, City Rally, Swarm; M trying to lower power in RoK SoC KvK against OneV to save on passport cost for migration on FFA MGE KE. Rise of Kingdoms SoC KvK city rally action. Steps to take to Defend your City against Rally and Swarm and Best Power for Casual Players.

0:00 OneV Imprison & City Rally on M
0:00 Zenobia YSS vs Attila Takeda City Rally
2:45 YSG City Garrison for AoE Kills
3:40 Wu + YSG Garrison Against Swarm
5:00 Why Under 65m Power is Good

RoK Collection Playlist:

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  1. That war frenzy shouldn't be there. It could have ended in the account getting zeroed. Some camps can coordinate and place a second imprisonment but you got lucky tbh

  2. Its not almost. Thats a zero, ladus. Good luck to your next adventures. Im a ladus fan, looking forward to more contents

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