if i don't find wart jr. i will cry (Streamed 1/9/23)

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More villager hunting in Animal Crossing!

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  1. I love the menu length debate lol. I'm Czech and the menus are long but not Cheesecake Factory length. 10-15 pages is totally normal, because the list every single drink (and all kinds of alcohol), the sides are also listed separate…the hipster-ish places have the two-page folded menus.

  2. I love the idea of wart dizzy world where wart jr and dizzy opened their own theme park together lol couple goals 🐸🐘

  3. Twitch was so bad that day.. i missed half of the stream because it wouldn't ever play. It stayed stuck on the screen at 0:01 for 15 minutes. Did anyone else have this nightmare problem happen? :/

  4. I work at the cheesecake factory we make everything from scratch. We just have a bunch of line cooks on different stations to cook certain kinds of food. From a salad station where they just do the salads to frying station to do all the fried food to pasta to do pasta. We have 7/8 different stations with 2 or more cooks on each station when we are very busy.

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