I was forced to solo/squad on Rebirth Island and it paid off

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Half the time I play fill squads it gives me no teammates, anyone else?
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Intro song is On The Knife by Future Joust
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I’m FaZe Dirty, I love to snipe on Warzone, I have been in FaZeClan for 6 years now and I focus on doing crazy things with a sniper rifle on Call of Duty. I love getting high kill games in Verdansk and making montages.


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  1. ‘Awesome guys 3v1…oh he’s up there?! Don’t worry bro I’m right behind you….

    …must be cheating’

  2. When you repel up you can still jump off it, so yeah that last guy wasn’t too bright, let his team down, not that they had a chance to win anyway

  3. At the end he’s like I was already going up !! He doesn’t know you can cancel it out and jump off lmao what a fucking bot

  4. These holding hands dummies did the dumbest thing you can do in an at the end 1V3 situation. Damnnnn man embarrrassing bro 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Ah men brother!

    I love warzone but hate the toxicity of poor players who turn to racist homophobic comments to somehow make themselves feel better about losing. Just work on your weaknesses and use whatever brain power you have without the embarrassing projection of your own insecurities.

    Sick 1v3 content, keep it up!

  6. Don't get me wrong I think dirty is a cool dude but you can't say you're going off to people when they start being racist and homophobic when you're killing people and start calling them morons and idiots etc .. even if you're joking around bro you're still showing less respect .. but the ending was dirty af

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