I tried to make a Shay Locomotive with Automation, for BeamNG

YouTube video

today we have the 1800s shay locomotive…. I spent a chunk of time on this and…. I couldn’t stop it from turning out cursed 🙁

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  1. *Makes train with bicycle track width, and a suspension setup that is literally just springs*

    " y it no go in str8 line >:( "

  2. even if it was one of the most painful videos you've had to record and edit, I actually found it really entertaining and have a lot to say, so am going to make a slightly cursed ten-point comment to go with the cursed Automation locomotive

    1 – Seemingly the weirder stuff you make, the more entertaining it gets
    2 – I expected this to be like the steam car one of the other YT-ers made for the Petrol/Electric/Steam race through Italy (which is another video I LOVED)… but it turned out to be completely different and equally as crazy/fun. Definitely drove worse though.
    3 – 2:44, I don't hold much authority on them since they're a more a US (and certain other countries) thing, but Shay locos are flippin' slow. The drive was reduced through gears connecting the shaft to the wheels so they crawled along, but had the torque to pull half a forest behind them.
    4 – Like I've read in other comments the track width (no pun intended) is too narrow, and maybe the wheels a bit too large in diameter?
    5 – 10:52, Apollo 440 – Can't Stop The Rock!
    6 – You edited the exhaust so it smoked from the chimney, nice! Also, it looked more realistic 'steaming' with a leaking radiator!
    7 – 14:04, in a former life the cursed Shay was a Forza multiplayer wall-rider with no skill
    8 – 16:52 you know I would really love to try, but for now I'm still on normie Automation so I can have, like, working mods.
    9 – 19:09 awww, I reckon there's potential for an absolutely amazing Beam mod with steam sounds, perma-steaming radiator etc, but it's made you suffer enough. Like with 8, I'd love to try but I don't possess the Fillman Magic to get all the advanced and bonkers stuff working in Beam
    10 – if you ever return to the idea of making "trains", look up Dotto Trains (road-going promenade/beach trains) – might be worth a try?

  3. This one was funny to watch. You should download the Nurburgring track mod and make a car for that. How many tries do you think it'll take you to complete it?

  4. I fell like track is way too narrow and suspension is way too soft for it to be a train. But either way amount of given fucks to make this vehicle run in Automation is impressive.

  5. I guess a couple things to note:
    -Yes, diff locks on, simulate those solid axles
    -The stiffest suspension Automation can produce is still not stiff enough for a locomotive. Go hard, yo.
    -Your wheels are set too narrow for a locomotive of that size. Looks like you're using even narrower than Meter gauge, on which that train would be too large.
    Otherwise, this was pretty entertaining, nice

  6. I don't think beam or automation were built for this narrow of a car. Maybe it needs to have more track width? It looks narrower than a normal rail.

  7. I’d ask “why?” But I’m used to see you spend days making mod bodies and editing their Jbeam so they barely run and drive 💀. I’m jk, keep doing what you do, it’s entertaining and fun!

  8. We have cars, tractors, and now trains. I wonder who is gonna be the first person to make a blimp

    Secret Message:
    I have no idea how you come up with things like that, like i thought that monster trucks and tractors are crazy, well i was wrong, very wrong. I love the train, made me laugh a lot. Today nothing special, I just wish you a fantastic day, I love you, and have a great rest 😊😊😊

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